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Monday, November 5, 2012

Miss Earth 2012 First Set of Award Winners

The first 2 sponsor awards for Miss Earth 2012 were announced yesterday during the pageant activity at Luneta Park. And in what's perhaps one of the luckiest day in her life, Miss South Africa Tamerin Jardine snatched both awards! Congrats for South Africa and check out the complete list of winners after the jump!

Miss Luneta Park People's Choice Award
A popularity contest voted by the visitors of Luneta Park, also known as Rizal Park, a historical urban park located in the heart of the city of Manila. The top 3 most voted contestants receive gold, silver, and bronze medal respectively.

1. SOUTH AFRICA - Tamerin Jardine
2. NEPAL - Nagma Shresta
3. DENMARK - Belinda Jensen

Miss Earth Trivia Challenge
A test of brain and knowledge where the contestants have to answer a series of trivial questions. The contestants with the most correct answers win the award.

1. SOUTH AFRICA - Tamerin Jardine
2. USA - Siria Bojorquez
3. PHILIPPINES - Stephanie Stephanowitz

Congratulations once again to South Africa and all other winners! For those who have not won, don't worry .. it's still a long ride to go!

source: ... award.html

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