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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Louis, hot to foxtrot: Strictly fans get a Christmas treat as gymnast shows off that Olympic body for 2013 calendar


Tribute: Louis Smith reveals his 'RIP Nan, missing you' tattoo for the month of December

No doubt his legions of Strictly fans - and a certain Strictly judge - are dreading the moment when Louis Smith leaves the dancefloor for good.
But they won't have to mourn for long.
The 23-year-old gymnast is bringing out a calendar, just in time for Christmas.
While the topless photographs are sure to please his admirers, the Olympic medallist took some persuading to pose for the four-hour shoot - despite his impressive physique.

Brooding: Louis Smith poses for the July cover image

Speaking exclusively to the Mail, he said he was shy about showing off his body.
'I want to keep some dignity,' he said.
'I'm a sportsman and I do gymnastics. It's a very regimented sport, so I don't want to be someone who's stripping off like some reality TV star. It's not me.'

He's got the moves: Smith shows off some Strictly credentials for November

And if that wasn't enough to further endear him to Strictly audiences - and judge Darcey Bussell, who has made no secret of her liking for him - the photographs also revel a tribute to his grandmother inked on his back.
He began the tattoo in 2007, when he won his first major competition, with the phrase 'What I deserve I earn'.
when his grandmother, who became an inspiration for his career, died in 2009, he added the 'RIP Nan, missing you' design.

Serious: The Olympic gymnast sits solemnly with slightly more clothes on this time and with his medals draped over his knee for September

Happy: Smith smiles as he looks past the camera for April's image

The guardian angels came the following year; after he broke up with his long-term girlfriend from school.
The Official Louis Smith 2013 Calendar is available to buy now at

source: dailymail

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