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Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's fright night! Jonathan Ross wows Halloween party guests with larger than life ghouls after transforming his home into a haunted castle


Count Dracula: Jonathan Ross really upped the ante this year with his Halloween party. The chat show host transformed his home and hired performers to really give a spooky feel to the bash

Every year he throws the mother of all Halloween parties for his showbiz pals and this year is certainly no different.
Chat show host Jonathan Ross went all out with impressive decorations and scary performers for his showbiz bash.
The 51-year-old transformed his Hampstead house into a haunted castle, complete with dungeon.

Larger than life: The 51-year-old had employed entertainers who were seen walking around outside the bash on stilts dressed in Halloween costumes. One performer was seen being helped out a van

If the impressive surroundings weren't enough, guests were welcomed into the bash by performers on stilts dressed in scary costumes.
One entertainer was seen being helped out of the back of a van, by a staff worker ahead of the bash.
While Jonathan had certainly gone all out on the decoration for the party, he didn't pay the same attention to his own costume.

Trick or treat! Children seemed happy after being given candyfloss as the stopped by the bash

It appeared that the TV personality was dressed up as Count Dracula in a tuxedo, a cap with red lining and long, yellow, fake nails.
He was also sporting a top hat on his head which gave him an appearance of a ring master.
Children who visited the property trick or treated were rewarded with candy floss, which left them looking very happy indeed.

Getting into the spirit of things: One guest dressed as Iron Man while a young party-goer went as a skeleton

The preparations for the party began earlier in the day with a whole team of workers helping to transform Ross's house.
And his next door neighour seemed to be embracing something similar and could well be part of the night's festivities.
The front of the house was covered in large cobwebs with a huge, black spider sitting over the front door, while the windows were covered from the inside with scary orange hangings.
Alluding to Jonathan's love of comic books, a number of life size action figures including Superman and Batman could be seen dotted in the grounds of the two properties.

Skull and Fangs: The transformation of Jonathon Ross's home into a gothic castle is nearly complete

source: dailymail

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