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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

'It was like something out of James Bond': Moment armed raiders rode through Brent Cross shopping centre after smashing their way into jeweller's shop with axes


Dramatic: This is the moment robbers on motorcycles raided a shopping centre jeweller's shop armed with axes today

This is the moment six robbers on motorbikes horrified shoppers during a high-speed smash-and-grab.
Dressed in black and wearing crash helmets, the robbers raced through a shopping centre on three powerful motorbikes just after opening time yesterday.
The three who were riding pillion leapt off and used axes and bats to smash windows of a jewellery store.

Raid: The gang reportedly stole hundreds of thousands of pounds of jewellery. This image shows the smashed window at the front of Fraser Hart

Witnesses said the men sped into an upper area of the shopping centre and headed for the Fraser Hart jewellery store, at Brent Cross Shopping Centre in North London
They are believed to have taken Cartier and Rolex watches as well as other items of jewellery before speeding off.
Witnesses described how shoppers began to panic as the robbery took place, with many people running for the exits. Some shops would not let customers leave while the incident was underway.
Michelle Webber, 36, was at the shopping centre when the robbery took place. She entered at the same entrance which the gang are believed to have used, close to John Lewis and New Look.

She said as she entered - about 10 minutes before the robbery took place - she heard a man behind her say: 'let the fun begin'.
Shortly afterwards she described how a wave of panic gripped the shopping centre.
'A man came running towards us shouting 'everybody out'.
'My first thought was that there was a bomb and I just started thinking about my children and my family, my stomach turned. People started running out of the stores in a panic.
'There was a surge of people coming towards us. They were all running at the same time away from what was happening.
'All of a sudden the shutters started coming down in the shops around us and we realised that something serious had happened. I caught up with the guy who had been shouting and he said there were some guys upstairs on bikes with pickaxes who had broken into the jeweller's.'

source: dailymail

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