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Sunday, November 18, 2012

'I don't know why you are in here': Helen Flanagan breaks down in tears over camp criticism after quitting FIFTH Bushtucker Trial... before it's even begun on I'm A Celeb


Chicken run: Helen Flanagan quit the Rodent Run Bushtucker Trial before it had even begun

Not even knowing that there were eleven hungry people waiting for her back at camp could persuade Helen Flanagan to complete a Bushtucker Trial.
In tonight's episode, viewers saw the ex-Coronation Street star shout 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!' before the trial, dubbed Rodent Run, began.
The tearful actress then returned to camp, indignant that she had done her best, and confident that her ravenous peers would not be annoyed with her.

Let down: Helen is becoming hated by viewers as she repeatedly wimps out of Bushtucker Trials

This was the 22-year old actress' fifth Bushtucker Trial, and it's clearly not getting any easier for the fragile young woman.
At the start of the episode, she was seen admitting that thinking about the impending trial had left her 'feeling deflated.'
But, if she wanted sympathy from her camp mates, she didn't get it as they decided that perhaps a different approach would help motivate her to try harder to bring back some meals for them.

As far as she got: Helen put the goggles on, but soon after was asking to quit the trial

Eastenders actress Charlie Brooks said: 'She goes out feeling negative - maybe that’s not going to be a good thing for the trial, but to be honest she’s gone out feeling positive and not done it so maybe the opposite will work.
'We’ve all tried little pep talks and words of encouragement but I don’t know how much any of it goes in really.'
Professional darts player Eric Bristow agreed, saying: 'I’m not bothering anymore to try and say good luck because it just goes in one ear and out the other.'

Sorry guys: Helen had to tell her camp mates that she had scored no stars for them

However, Doctor Who actor Colin Baker joked, 'It's very good for me to not eat then I lose more weight.'
When she arrived at the scene of the trial, Ant and Dec tried to coax the freaked out star in to trying harder than usual.
She told him: ''I’m not feeling this, I have given it 100%, what more can I give?
'I will have a look (at the trial), obviously I really want to give everything a go and I’m not a quitter at all, but if I think absolutely no I’ve had enough, then I’ve had enough.'

Pensive: Helen is really struggling with jungle life and is often crying to her camp mates

The task involved a giant jungle hamster cage, which was split into five areas, two crawl- through tunnels, a house, a bathing tub and a hamster’s wheel.
Each area contained stars – twelve in total - and a host of jungle critters, including, rats, meal worms, green ants and spiders.

Girls united: Ashley Roberts and Nadine Torres have been trying to support their young camp mate

source: dailymail

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