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Monday, November 19, 2012

From zero to hero! Helen Flanagan passes sixth Bushtucker Trial with ease and wins twelve meals for her hungry campmates


She did it! Helen Flanagan finally got stuck in to a Bushtucker Trial and won the maximum twelve stars

Earlier today, Helen Flanagan's grandad revealed she rarely ventures in to the garden, so it was no surprise she was floundering in the Australian jungle.
Similarly, her parents proclaimed that the Coronation Street actress is so afraid of the dark she can't sleep unless one of her Harry Potter DVDs is playing in the background.
But tonight, as Helen and her eleven campmates tuck in to a meal each after she successfully completed her sixth Bushtucker Trial, it's safe to assume her family in Manchester will be eating a big plate of words - with humble pie for pudding.

Bugged out: Helen had to grab stars from the clutches of creepy crawlies

When Helen woke up this morning she could have taken the mindset of 'another day another Bushtucker Trial', but something - perhaps the low morale of camp or the rumbling of twelve tummies - caused her to awake to a brand new mindset.
She had been selected by the public to participate in Deadly Delivery, her sixth Bushtucker Trial.
In the previous five she had not managed to win a single star, and while her celebrity campmates had initially been sympathetic, it seemed their patience was wearing thin.

Go get it: Helen can be seen grabbing at a yellow plastic star using her mouth as task attendants look on

They each took a chance to motivate her ahead of her heading off for the unknown challenge in the forest.
Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts said: 'You’ve eaten crap, you’ve been in the darkness, you’ve seen an ostrich, you’ve had bugs on you, you’ve seen rats.'
Hugo Taylor joined in to add: 'If you come back to camp and say that you’ve failed then everyone will kick off. You can’t freeze.'
Later, the Made In Chelsea star spoke openly in the Bush Telegraph about his frustrations at the soap actress' squeamishness.

Gotcha! Helen prepares to bring the star out of the box to add to her meal quota

He said: 'In the first couple of days it was Helen ooh, are you OK poor princess?
'I mean it’s rubbish. To motivate someone, if being nice and softly softly doesn’t work then you’ve got to nail it into them.'
David Haye, no stranger to facing huge challenges in his day job as a professional boxer, asked her if she was feeling the pressure.

Stiff upper lip: Helen looked like she was close to tears as a cockroach perched precariously on her pout

'Are you feeling the pressure today more that ever?' he asked.
'I’m having palpitations.' she responded.
'Good, it didn’t really matter before. Now we’re hungry,' he said.
'We’re really hungry now.' piped up politician Nadine Dorries.

Reptile gang: The actress looked freaked out as she tried to gear herself up to grab the star with her teeth

source: dailymail

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