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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Float like a butterfly: Amazing £3,000 'cocoon bed' that can be suspended from a tree


Cosy: A new 'cocoon bed' allows sleepers to experience a night of rest suspended above the ground

A new 'cocoon bed' lets slumberers enjoy a good night's sleep suspended between trees like a butterfly before it emerges from its chrysalis.
These images show the just-released Cocoon Tree hovering between trees thanks to a system of suspension wires.
It is the brainchild of Frenchman Berni Du Payrat, who says he was inspired to create it after looking at an ostrich egg, and costs between £3,000 and £9,000.

Floating: The pod is suspended by wires and can hold up to a tonne. The interior contains a bed that's perfect for snuggling

The Cocoon Bed is made of aluminium and weighs only 130 pounds. It is rigged up with ropes and secured by nets and can hold the weight of up to a tonne.
A large mattress and a custom made duvet can be placed inside it, accommodating two people, or even a couple with small children.

Doze: The inventor says the Cocoon Tree is perfect for lovers and even small families

Berni said: 'It is just great to sleep in a cocoon. It's very romantic if you want to spend time with a partner.
'I take my girlfriend there and she loves it. It's so nice to wake up outdoors with the sun shining.
'It was a great project and I'm really pleased with the result.
'The only problem is the birds, they're so noisy when the sun comes up.'

Bespoke: The Cocoon Tree's fram is aluminium and the mattress is custom-made

The intimate contraption, which can be assembled in less than two hours, took two years to complete and can come in different forms, such as ground cocoons.
It even features air-conditioning mechanisms that can be powered sustainably by sun and windpower and is sheltered from the elements by a robust waterproof outer skin, with mosquito screens for the openings.
Berni says it's like having a grown-up tree house.

No trees?: Berni's company also produces comfy pods for the beach

Laying: The inventor says he took inspiration for his creation from an ostrich egg

source: dailymail

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