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Friday, October 26, 2012

Your hands will be even more full soon! Coleen Rooney's son Kai gives her the runaround as they head out to the shops


Woah there! Coleen Rooney's son Kai gave her the run around as they headed out to their local supermarket earlier this week

She's currently pregnant with her second child.
But Coleen Rooney seems to be well and truly prepared for the hard work that's about to hit her when she has two children to look after.
Her son Kai has been keeping her occupied to say the least and certainly gave her the runaround when she popped to her local supermarket this week.

Coleen decided to go and stock up on groceries and took the toddler with her as she hit the Cheshire Tesco's.
Dressed all in black, she went for a smart affair for the expedition.
Wayne Rooney's wife wore black skinny jeans tucked into her knee-high boots, with a black jacket which had fur collar detailing.

Hands full: The pregnant WAG kept him in sight by taking hold of his hood as he tried to run away in front

Coleen wore her hair in her usual style in a ponytail while wearing minimal make-up.
And she'd certainly had a busy shop in the store as she walked out with her hands full of shopping bags.
But if she thought her hands were full enough, Kai seemed to be in a boisterous mood, despite her treating him to some sweets.

Helping hand: He later calmed down to help his pregnant mother carry some of the bags after finishing their grocery shopping

The cute two-year-old joined Rooney by her side in a cute ensemble consisting of a red hooded jacket and jeans with a scarf.
But he seemed adamant on trying to run off in front of his mother.
So she managed to control him by keeping a firm hand on his hood to keep him close to her.
Although it seemed as a result she was forced to pick up her pace to keep up with the energetic youngster.

Night off: But she was soon given a break to take husband Wayne Rooney out for his 27th birthday a day later

source: dailymail

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