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Sunday, October 28, 2012

There's something short in the neighbourhood! Ola Jordan performs Ghostbusters routine in tiny playsuit on Strictly Come Dancing


Too safe: Sid is criticised for playing it safe but partner Ola wows in tiny playsuit

She's Strictly's golden girl, but she showed off her racy side on Saturday night's live show.
The Polish dancer might have had an emotional week after her mum fell ill, but she didn't let it show as she wowed the crowd in a tiny playsuit.
Dancing the Cha Cha Cha with partner Sid Owen, the 30-year-old beauty gave her take on this week's Halloween theme by embracing much loved 1980s film Ghostbusters.

I'm afraid of no ghost: Ola Jordan wears skimpy playsuit for her Ghostbusters routine with Sid Owen

They did badly on the leaderboard last week, so Ola knew that she had to pull out all the stops for their fright night routine.
Wearing her own version of the iconic Ghostbusters uniform, the dancer took to the floor with the EastEnders star.
She's known for showing off her enviable legs, but on Saturday night Ola took it to a whole new level.

Short and sweet: Ola's short dress might have impressed the crowd, but the judges thought the routine wasn't up to scratch

The short playsuit was cut at the very top of her thigh, while the top was zipped down low.
Sid also wore his version of the famous film costume, pairing a tight tan top with tailored trousers, with a little sprinkling of sparkle.
While Ola's outfit certainly made an impact, the routine failed to impress the judges, getting a poor mark of just 17, making them bottom of the leaderboard.
Craig described the dance as a 'Halloween nightmare' while Len Goodman criticised the performance as being:
'Too safe, you need to go for it more and take risks. If you're going to go down, go down fighting,' he said.

Splits: Ola gives it her all on the Strictly danecfloor despite having little time tn rehearse this week

source: dailymail

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