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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The deep fry-up: New York chip shop owner creates 1,200 calorie battered sandwich with a full English breakfast filling


Crunch time: The freshly fried breakfast buttie contains 1,200 calories and is perfect treatment for a hangover

Two British favourites have been combined to make the ultimate breakfast - but at more than 1,200 calories this battered bacon buttie with the trimmings is a real belt-buster.
The sandwich features white bread, bacon, egg and mushroom all dipped in chip shop batter and deep fried by a British restauranteur who wants to take the taste of the UK - with a twist - to America.
But at more than half the 2,000 recommend daily calorie intake for women, and a substantial chunk of the 2,500 for men - this big breakfast should probably only be eaten once in a while.

In and out: The breakfast feast is doused in batter before being thrown into the frier (above and below)

Chris Sell, 45, from Rugby, Warwickshire, has a New York chip shop and came up with the tasty treat to satisfy hungry Brits living in the Big Apple who love fish and chips and a traditional fry-up.
'It looked great cut in half, with the egg yoke running down the middle,' he said.
'The first half tasted amazing. But it is cooked in oil, so by the second half, the bread got a bit soggy.
'But it's great for a hangover, or if you need comfort food.'

The Park Slope Chip Shop in Brooklyn will also deep fry anything that people want to try

American Stephanie Szerlip is pictured tucking into buttie, and when asked the all important question of whether she would have red sauce, brown sauce or no sauce at all she went for brown on the deep-fried treat.
Chris opened the Park Slope Chip Shop in 2001 to cater for homesick Brits craving favourites such as fish and chips, battered sausage, mushy peas and shepherd's pie.

Taste time: American Stephanie Szerlip prepares herself for a fried English breakfast at Chip Shop, located in Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York

Staff also deep fry slices of pizza, chocolate bars, macaroni cheese or ingredients supplied by customers, such as slices of cake, pieces of fruit, or New York hotdogs.
Chris said: 'We like to experiment and a battered breakfast seemed like a good idea for a treat.
'Fish and chips is still my favourite though.'
All requests for the fryer are considered, as long as the items do not explode in hot oil, like oranges.

Anxious: The giant breakfast sandwich is bigger than Stephanie's hand and also is more than half her recommended daily calorie intake

Deep frying a food item doubles its calorie content, and adds a little on top, explained manager Suzanne Hackett, from Birmingham.
In time for Halloween, Chris has also tested some new American ingredients, to find a treat for his US diners.
First, he tried deep frying a whole pumpkin, then he battered chilli peppers, stuffed with pumpkin, bacon and cheese, which were a big success.
But the chosen dish, which will feature as a special on his menu, is a battered American corn muffin, stuffed with traditional American sweets called Candy Corn.
'They're hard yellow and orange sweets, which everyone eats at Halloween,' said Chris
'But the heat from the frier melts them, and it makes a really gooey filling inside the corn muffin.'

First bite: The sandwich has a crunchy outside although its creator admits that the bread can get a bit soggy

Standard: Of course, if you were watching your weight you could just go for the unbattered version!

Festive: Chris Sell, owner of the chip shop, proudly sits with his freshly fried fruit platter - designed for Halloween

source: dailymail

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