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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Taylor Swift makes solo trip to Paris Fashion Week... as Conor Kennedy's father 'orders him to focus on school'


Front row fashionista: Taylor Swift at the Elie Saab Spring/Summer 2013 show as part of Paris Fashion Week on Wednesday

Paris is one of the romantic cities in the world but Taylor Swift had to make do without the company of her young paramour during a visit to France this week.
The country singer, 22, travelled to the capital alone for its renowned fashion week and attended Elie Saab's fashion show on Wednesday.
She wore a stylish baby blue frock by the designer and mingled with the style pack in front row.

Blue belle: The country singer, pictured right with designer Elie Saab, wore a stylish frock and lashings of red lipstick

The Love Song singer's boyfriend Conor Kennedy, 18, was unable to join her because he is still in school.
A new report today claimed Kennedy patriarch Robert is concerned his son has been neglecting his studies because of his romance with the high-profile star.
The National Inquirer quotes a source who claims: 'Trouble started when Conor went back to school in Deerfield, Mass, a few weeks ago.'
'Taylor not only visited him for a romantic weekend, she started texting, phoning, and e-mailing love notes 24/7.'

VIP seat: Taylor enjoyed the view from prime position

The source added: 'They’re totally infatuated, and Robert went nuts when he heard Taylor will send her private plane to pick Conor up and bring him to wherever she is over the next six weeks.'
RFK allegedly wants his son focusing on school work as he preps for admittance to an Ivy League college and has warned Conor he won’t allow Taylor to be a distraction.
'Taylor’s unhappy, but doesn’t want to trigger a rift in the Kennedy family – because she’s raring to join it herself someday!' said the source.

You can't rain on my parade! The star braved bad weather for the show

Meanwhile, Taylor is keeping details of her romance to herself and declined to discuss the topic during an interview in Glamour's November issue.
'I don’t talk about my personal life in great detail,' Swift said.
'I write about it in my songs, and I feel like you can share enough about your life in your music to let people know what you're going through.'
But she did offer insights into recent reports about her song Dear John.

Young love: Taylor's boyfriend Conor Kennedy is still in school and sources claim his father doesn't want him to be distracted from his studies

source: dailymail

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