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Friday, October 19, 2012

Talk about enthusiastic: Kate Beckinsale and Len Wiseman put up a super size black cat outside their home for Halloween


Down pussy: Kate Beckinsale and Len Wiseman have put up a big black cat outside their home in Brentwood, California

Halloween may not be a huge important date in the United Kingdom, but across the pond the holiday is taken much more seriously in America.
British born actress Kate Beckinsale has fully embraced her Stateside lifestyle by putting up a huge black inflatable cat outside her home in Brentwood, California.
The Total Recall actor, 39, is married to American movie director Len Wiseman, and the happy couple have set up the Halloween themed puppet outside the home they share together.

Day of the dead: Kate has starred in her fair share of horror action films and so knows a thing or two about scaring audiences
The big black cat, traditionally associated with witches, is sure to adequately scare children out to trick-or-treat.
Having starred in the Underworld movie series, which was directed by her husband, Kate knows a thing or two about scaring people.
However, the beautiful brunette was firmly in family mode when she was seen out shopping on Wednesday at Planet Blue, in Santa Monica.

Meow: The cat is certain to scare children who approach the home to trick-or-treat

The mother-of-one looked very stylish as she teetered around in a pair of nude colour heels which she matched with slim fit jeans and a white top.
Kate's daughter Lily was also dressed quite fashionably in a gold jumper which she teamed with a pair of white denim shorts and black sandals.
Len was a little more casual than his two favourite ladies, and he wore jeans with a plain white T-shirt as he accompanied them on the shopping trip.

Family day: Kate and her daughter Lily were joined by Len Wiseman who was dressed rather casually in jeans and boots

source: dailymail

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