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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Stolen computer, nude photo and a Twitter war: Justin Bieber's publicity stunt... all to plug launch of new video with Nicki Minaj


Trickster: Justin Bieber used an internet hoax to promote his new music video Beauty And A Beat

He took to Twitter on Wednesday to complain that his laptop and camera, which contained personal footage, had been stolen.
Justin Bieber appeared distraught, tweeting: 'sucks when u take personal footage and people dont respect your privacy.'
But it appears that the teenager star was up to some sneaky tricks.

What a flirt: Dressed in a pink strapless dress with strategically placed pom poms on her chest, Nicki flutters her eyelashes as she does a duet with the teenage singing sensation

For the alleged burglary has now been revealed as an elaborate publicity stunt orchestrated by the 18-year-old to promote his new music video, Beauty And A Beat, featuring Nicki Minaj.
In the meantime, Bieber has since managed to spark rumours of a sex tape and a scandal was caused when a naked photo, which wasn't of the singing sensation, was leaked.
Bieber's intricate hoax was made even more believable when a mysterious user with no avatar called @gexwy popped up on his Twitter feed.

Pretty in pink: Songstress Nicki wears a wild outfit consisting of a strapless dress, featuring tutu style skirt paired with leopard print leggings

The user claimed that he had footage of the pint-sized star, alluding that he was the one that stole Bieber's electronic goods.
'good job with the password protected @justinbieber,' @gexwy tweeted on Wednesday. 'weak ... @justinbieber notice us and answer your dms or we are going to put the other videos from the camera out!'
After sharing some G-rated clips of Bieber, including footage of the star partying with friends, @gexwy threatened him further by hinting that he had something that the world would want to see.

Creative: The 18-year-old singer wrote and directed the under five minute video

Driving the girls wild: The swimmers can't stop circling the Baby star in the clip

'@justinbieber i got your stupid dms. i dont think so. gonna show the world. TOMORROW! ... u've been warned. should of listened @justinbieber,' he wrote.
Bieber in turn didn't seemed fazed, tweeting back: '@gexwy no matter what you have and what you post tomorrow i know my fans wont leave me. screw it. #toostrong.'
Then on Friday, Bieber cryptically posted several tweets with the word 'Noon' along with links to various different media reports which were written about the secret footage.

Singing his heart out: Justin can sing a tune even when immersed in water

source: dailymail

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