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Friday, October 12, 2012

So, is it time for another £30,000 weave Wayne? Footballer appears to be going thin on top just 18 months after transplant


Wayne Rooney photographed sporting a thinning barnet at the press conference ahead of England's game with San Marino tomorrow

He's due to captain England against San Marino tonight. And maybe the skipper would be well advised to avoid making any headers.
Wayne Rooney appeared at a post-training press conference yesterday, displaying a thatch that seemed to be showing the same vulnerability as his famed metatarsal.
It’s a year and a half since Rooney paid £30,000 for a hair transplant.
He had the 'follicular transfer' treatment – in which hair follicles are extracted from lush patches and reinserted where hair is thinning – at a London clinic.
He said at the time he was delighted with the result, and, in the months immediately after the operation, he boasted a relatively thick crop.

But on yesterday’s evidence there’s been some unwelcome thinning taking place.
Perhaps the Manchester United star, whose wife Coleen announced this week that she is expecting their second child, is considering a return to the clinic.
In an extract from his autobiography published last month, the 26-year-old football star explained that going bald undermined his confidence which is why he opted for the transplant.
He said, 'You don't want to lose all your hair, certainly not in your 20s anyway. So I thought about what I was going to do and started thinking, why not get a hair transplant'.

A pen arc marks where specialists expected Rooney's new head of hair to come to after his operation

Meanwhile Mrs Rooney showed no signs of slowing down yesterday as she strolled to work on a photo shoot for the Littlewoods spring/summer 2013 collection.
Dressed down in a khaki jacket and black trousers, the 26-year-old shielded her blossoming bump with her large red designer handbag.

source: dailymail

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