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Thursday, October 25, 2012

So, does it float? Gardener grows amazing swan-shaped gourd in Chinese village rising to national fame for its bizarre plant crafts


Swan shape: Liu Xianzhen shows the crafted gourd product grown in Jiujianfang village, Langfang, China

This villager is just in time for Halloween with these astonishing crafts of a plant from the pumpkin family, but modelling one on a swan isn't exactly the most obvious way to scare the neighbours.
A proud Liu Xianzhen was pictured yesterday by photographer Zhu Xudong showing off these amazing gourds that he grew in the Jiujianfang village of Langfang in Hebei province, China.

High demand: The village's products have been attracting a lot of collectors from Beijing and other big cities

The village, which is located to the south of Beijing, has been growing and making the crafted gourd products, attracting collectors from the nearby capital and other big cities in recent years.
Gourds and pumpkins are from the Cucurbita family, which also includes squash. Gourds, which have hard skins, are mostly only grown as a decorative crop by gardeners in Britain.

Happy man: Liu Xianzhen was pictured yesterday by a photographer showing off the amazing gourds in China

Extraordinary: The village, located south of Beijing, has been growing and making the crafted gourd products

source: dailymail

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