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Monday, October 1, 2012

She can't miss it! Emma Watson makes a mad dash through the airport to catch her flight


Manic dash: Actress Emma Watson dashes to pick up documents from her car at New York JFK airport on Saturday

It seems that with assistants, a management team and tight-schedules, even top movie stars run late every now and again.
And Emma Watson proved to be no exception on Saturday in New York City as she arrived at JFK airport.
The former Harry Potter star was obviously in a hurry as she was seen making a mad dash through JFK airport to retrieve documents from her car.

Fit: Emma didn't seem phased by the last minute scramble to get onto her flight, sprinting through the airport

The 22-year-old pretty brunette dressed down in comfortable clothes for her flight, wearing simple black trousers and a striped jumper.
She had her hair scraped up into a loose ponytail, wore black boots and Ray Ban sunglasses, presumably to maintain some anonymity during her flight.
Emma has been busy promoting her newest film, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which also stars Logan Lerman and Ezra Miller.
The film, which features Emma as love interest Sam, is out on limited release currently - with a full UK release on October 3.

Comfortable clothes: Emma wore sensible clothes for her flight on Saturday as she approached her car to collect the last of her belongings

Reviews of the film have been favourable with Emma’s performance being singled out as a highlight during the adaptation of the Stephen Chbosky novel.
The actress appeared on The Jonathan Ross Show over the weekend, wearing a revealing purple leather dress.
After being prompted by Jonathan, Emma described her risqué outfit as: ‘a purple leather dress, with slits.’
Emma also spoke about arguably her most famous role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movie series.

Revealing: Emma appeared on the Jonathan Ross show this weekend where she spoke about branching out with her acting roles

Charming: Emma spoke about her role on Harry Potter and how she was 'terrified' to take on other acting roles

She said: 'She's so innocent, she’s so good that anything in contrast to her looks like crazy. I wear a pair of ripped jeans and they are like, "Emma Watson wearing ripped jeans, what would Hermione say?" it’s like so scandalous.'
Emma went on to reveal that she has reservations abou playing other roles in movies following her stint on the hugely popular Potter franchise.
She admitted: ‘I did doubt myself a little bit. I think I’d just played one person, who in many ways was similar to my own personality, and I played her for ten years and I got so comfortable doing that, that the idea of coming out and playing somebody else was terrifying.'

Harry Potter child star: Emma Watson played Hermione Granger for ten years between 2001 and 2011

source: dailymail

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