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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Naomi Watts recreates Princess Diana's bravest moment as she visits Angolan minefield for new biopic


History repeating: Naomi Watts re-enacts Princess Diana's meeting with landmine victim at an Angolan children's hospital

Over the summer, Naomi Watts has recreated Princess Diana's romantic life and tragic death for the forthcoming film about the tragic royal.
But now the Kent-born actress has turned to one of the Princess's most brave moments - walking through an Angolan minefield.
Wearing a ballistic helmet and flak jacket, the blonde star retraced Diana's steps, before posing for a photocall with a young landmine victim - just like Diana had done 15 years ago.

Touching: Princess Diana with landmine victim Sandra Tigica in Angola in January 1997

Danger: Naomi recreates Diana's bravery as she walks through an Angolan minefield

Diana famously drew international attention to the danger of landmines when she visited Angola in January 1997 - seven months before her death in Paris.
Her photocalls in Angola are believed to have influenced the Ottawa Treaty, an international ban on anti-personnel landmines, which was drafted just a few weeks after her death and signed in December 1997.
As she filmed scenes in Africa, Naomi looked the spitting image of Diana in her capris, camel loafers and blue Red Cross blouse.

Changing the world: Naomi (left) dressed in a ballistic helmet and flak jacket, just like Diana had done 15 years earlier (right)

After filming scenes walking through a minefield, Naomi then recreated Diana's visit to a children's hospital, where she had met amputee Sandra Tigica.
The upcoming film focuses on the last two years of Diana's life before her death and on her relationship with Dr Khan, who is being portrayed by Lost star Naveen Andrews, and her last romance with Dodi Al Fayed.
Dr Khan confirmed in his testimonial at the inquest into her death that they ended their nearly two year romance in June 1997.

Dusty conditions: Naomi retreated into a van to get her make-up done in between takes

Looking the part: Naomi was kitted out in the protective gear just like Diana

The following month, she began seeing Dodi and accepted his invitation to join him on holiday in the South of France.
The movie from German director Oliver Hirschbiegel was originally called Caught In Flight, before being changed to simply Diana.
In July, Watts and the cast recreated the last few hours of the Princess's life as Trieste, North East Italy, doubled for Paris.

Retracing her steps: Naomi follows the little girl to the bench for their scene

source: dailymail

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