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Friday, October 12, 2012

It had better give us wings! Freestyle mountain bikers show off their gravity-defying moves in Red Bull Rampage

Daredevil riders: A freestyle mountain biker performing one of the most extreme stunts at the Red Bull Rampage competition in Virgin, Utah, America

If you thought cycling along the streets of London was dangerous, just have a look at some of these heart-stopping images from one of the most extreme cycling sports in the world.
In a unnerving mix of free climbing and BMXing, the Red Bull Rampage sees the best freestyle mountain bikers from around the globe go head-to-head in incredible death-defying stunts.

Don't look down: Canadian mountain biker Brandon Semenuk jumping over a huge precipice during the finals at Red Bull Rampage

Set on the steep rocky slopes near Virgin, in Utah, America, these riders face crashing head first down the side of a huge precipice if they put just one foot wrong.

Jumping off the edge of a cliff: American rider Kyle Straight descends down a rocky precipice on his mountain bike

Not for the faint hearted: Riders, such as Andreu Lacondeguy pictured, attempt the risky flips and jumps for more points

The annual competition sees courageous riders make their way down jagged sandstone ridges attempting risky flips and jumps to gain points.
The dangerous competition is similar to freestyle snowboarding, where competitors determine their own route and are judged on their technical ability and choice of manoeuvre.

Easy rider: Mountain biker Nico Vink pictured racing straight down a steep rock face during the extreme competition

Canadian Kurt Sorge took first place at the extreme sporting event held from October 5-7.
He said: 'It all came together. It was gnarly, but I was just glad I got it together for myself and for first place. It was actually one of the funest rides I’ve ever ridden in my life. I was just stoked to get it in the bag and just link it all up.'

Between a rock and a hard place: Rider Andreu Lacondeguy leaps off a starting launch pad, left, and Canadian rider Kurt Sorge, right, who went on to win the event

Leap of faith: Canadian cyclist James Doerfling taking part in the competition, which first began in 2001

No hands!: Canadian rider Anthony Messere takes this jump to the ultimate extreme by leaping off without holding on the handlebars

He was followed by Frenchman Antoine Bizet and American Logan Binggeli in third.
The inaugural Red Bull Rampage was held in 2001 to test a range of mountain bike skills such as downhill, slope-style and dirt jumping.
It was cancelled from 2004-2007 when authorities became concerned at the increasing risk competitors were taking but returned for the 2008 season with some 'man-made enhancements' gracing the venue.
However, the goal was still the same, according to organisers, with the target for every competitor to: 'Become a bad-ass on two wheels.'

Flying high: Riders, such as American Cameron McCaul pictured, could cause themselves serious injury if their stunts go wrong

The heat is on: Australian rider Mick Hannah preparing ahead of a jump at the Red Bull Rampage. The competition was called off for three years because of the risks

Spectator sport: Rider Martin Soderstrom performs a jump in front of the crowds at the competition which is becoming increasingly popular

Scaling the heights: The competition was brought back in 2008 after organisers made some 'man-made' enhancements

Taking it to the extreme: Riders are urged to prove they have 'become a bad-ass on wheels'

Riding up a storm: The riders, such as Canadian Mike Hopkins pictured, can reach incredible heights jumping on their bikes

Wheelie good: Mountain biker Andreu Lacondeguy pulls off a risky stunt cycling down the side of a sharp precipice

Beautiful setting: The Red Bull Rampage is set in the desert near Virgin, in Utah, America, where the steep precipices and rock faces make the perfect natural challenge for riders

source: dailymail

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