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Monday, October 22, 2012

Incredible pictures show death-defying cliff divers leaping 100ft off a jagged rock face


Long way down: These are the incredible images of death-defying cliff divers leaping off a jagged cliff face

Not for the faint-hearted, these are the images of death-defying cliff divers leaping off a jagged rock face.
The 'La Quebrada Cliff Divers' jump 100ft off the cliffs in Acapulco, Mexico, around five times a day.
Wearing nothing more than Speedos, they plunge into the pool below them which fluctuates between six and 16 feet deep depending on the surging surf.

Don't look down: The La Quebrada Cliff Divers are pictured waiting for their turn to dive off rock faces in Acapulco, Mexico

They have been icons since their inception in 1934 when the owner of a cliff-side hotel blasted out a section of the rocky coastline to create a man-made trench for the divers to leap into - as a show for tourists.
The photographs were snapped by American photographer Eric Mohl, 47.
He took them from the Mirador Hotel in September 2010.

Somersault: Wearing nothing more than Speedos they plunge from 100 feet into the water around five times a day

He said: 'We were staying at the hotel to watch the cliff divers as part of our ongoing Trans-Americas Journey.
'I shot a series of images of single dives and manually layered them together.
'The divers are icons of Acapulco and I recall seeing them on television when I was a kid. Shooting them was one of the priorities I wanted to cover while in Acapulco.
'It is an amazing The divers 'perform' a few times a day and I was staying at that location for two days so I was planning on shooting as much as I could.

Diving in the dark: The pool below them fluctuates between six and 16 feet deep depending on the surging surf

'However, when we arrived there was a big TV production there shooting a commercial for GE in the US. This cancelled a few of the dives the first day. The second day the weather was not ideal, but I was able to shoot enough to put together some good shots.'

source: dailymail

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