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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hardly a Hell's Angel! David Beckham takes a spin on his motorbike after picking up a healthy green smoothie


Bike enthusiast: David Beckham going for a motorcycle ride in West Hollywood

With his state of the art motorbike and tattooed arms, David Beckham looks like a Hell's Angel in the making.
Just one thing ruins his tough guy pose - instead of a beer, he's sipping on a green smoothie.
When it comes to health consciousness levels, the soccer player would be far too ‘Hollywood’ for the biker crowd.
The 37-year-old was spotted riding around in the Los Angeles sun wearing a dark T-shirt and jeans for the trip into the popular area.

Health-conscious Hollywood! David could be seen toting a bottle of green juice around town

But in the back of his fitted trousers, the sportsman revealed he was carrying a healthy green juice for the ride in the sweltering heat.
It’s hardly the beverage of choice for the group, considered to be members of an organised crime ring.
Beckham’s pockets were simply bulging with items including a khaki colour beanie hat.

Rough and ready: The tattooed sportsman sported a scratched helmet as she took his old wheels for a spin

The rest of his look consisted of a black helmet that had much of the varnish scratched off and he donned brown shoes to match the pockets attached to the side of the bike.
The motor itself was hardly gleaming and was perhaps pieced together from several different vehicles over time.
Obviously David is more concerned with his fashionable appearance and the underwear model made sure his fresh pair of white boxer shorts was showing above his belted bottoms.

Encouraging the arts: On Monday he was spotted loading a guitar, presumably for son Brooklyn into his car

On Monday the father of four children with wife Victoria Beckham was seen carrying a new Gibson axe guitar to his car after leaving Fred Segal in Santa Monica.
The instrument is thought to be a gift for his eldest after he was given a brief strumming lesson from The Wanted’s Tom Parker during a sound-check before a gig in L.A.
The eldest child of the Beckham clan was taught how to play Wonderwall by Oasis and impresses Parker so much that he was invited to join his band onstage whenever he feels confident enough to perform for The Wanted's fans.

source: dailymail

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