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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Freerunner cheats death after horror fall between two buildings leaves him needing 19 titanium plates in his face


A daredevil has cheated death after a running jump between two buildings went horribly wrong.
Swedish freerunner Robert Stafsing's video of the misjudged jump, titled GBGX3M: Brutal parkour Crash has attracted over 100,000 views on YouTube.
The compilation begins by showing of Stafsing's skills - he successfully negotiates roof-jumps, enthusiastic somersaults, and running up walls.

Ready? Robert Stafsing prepares for lift-off...

However, as the video continues, and bearing in mind the title of the clip, it's only a matter of time before we see a stunt go horribly wrong.
And that's just what happens.
As the Swede tries to land a roof jump, from a higher to a lower one, he leaps over the fencing, misjudges the distance, and his head crashes into the guttering.

The Swede freerunner pushes off the rail...

Stafsing is shown being treated on the floor, with a pool of blood and his damaged features clearly visible.
According to the video, he needed 19 titanium plates, 38 titanium screws and 21 stitches in the face - including 14 in mouth, as well as 30-50 staples from ear to ear.

Stafsing is now airborne...

We are told that he has successfully completed the jump four or five times previously, so perhaps it was the filming that added enough pressure to distract him.
Either way, what is clear considering the man fell five metres head first to the ground, is that he is lucky to be alive.
Over 500 peopel have posted comments on the video wishing him well in his recovery.
One comment reads: 'One comment reads: 'Get well soon man, Im so sorry :'(!,' while another reads: 'A swift recovery dude. Seriously, all the best!'

The sickening moment he realises he has been caught short...

Stafsing tries to use his arms to cushion his fall - but hits the roof head-on

Then it's a long way down for the daredevil

Stafsing is treated to by paramedics after his horrific fall

The extent of the Swede's injuries are revealed at the end of the video

source: dailymail

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