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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Does this shocking CCTV really show a young mother giving birth as she walks along Turkish street... and then abandoning her newborn baby on the ground?


Confusing situation: This CCTV footage shows a teenage mother walking with her parents along a street in Istanbul (left) shortly before appearing to give birth to a baby which drops on to the pavement (right)

It seems impossible to believe, but CCTV footage has emerged which appears to show a woman giving birth as she walks down the street.
The teenager is seen moving awkwardly along a darkened pavement with her parents on either side when the baby girl tumbles on to the floor.
The three show little reaction as they stare briefly at the newborn before walking away.

Distressing: Neighbours take a closer look at the baby, who was later taken to hospital alive and well

Before long, the infant is spotted by passersby who gather round apparently unable to believe that a baby has been abandoned on the street.
One witness can be seen calling emergency services and police and an ambulance are soon on the scene.
Despite the traumatic circumstances, the baby survived and was later named Ecem Ahu by hospital staff.

Keeping her warm: Police wrap the infant in a blanket before being taken to hospital, where she was reportedly named Ecem Ahu

source: dailymail

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