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Friday, October 19, 2012

Cadbury cuts the size of Dairy Milk chocolate bar (but keeps the price exactly the same!)


Controversial: Cadbury has quietly cut the size of its popular Dairy Milk chocolate bars in what amounts to a stealth price rise. The old shaped Cadbury's Dairy Milk bar is pictured top while the new shape is below

Biting into one of Cadbury’s relaunched Dairy Milk bars, you will no doubt notice its new ‘curved’ shape.
But you are less likely to spot the fact that it has shrunk by eight per cent – from 49g to 45g.
The 59p price, however, remains the same. The move is the latest in a series of ‘stealth price rises’ since US food giant Kraft took over the business.

Reduced: The classic bar has been shrunk from 49g to 45g as part of the re-launch as a new 'curved' shape - but the price remains the same at 59p. The old bar is pictured top with the new one below

Last year, it reduced the size of the 140g bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk to 120g, losing the equivalent of two chunks.
It then cut the size of its Roses tins from 975g to 850g – effectively snatching away 11 chocolates.
Angus Kennedy, owner of Kennedy’s Confection magazine, said the latest move will not go down well with shoppers.

source: dailymail

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