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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bye bye belly! Chantelle Houghton kickstarts post-baby weight loss as she is put through her paces in bootcamp workout


Bye bye belly! Chantelle Houghton grabs on to her flabby stomach as she begins her mission to shed her baby weight

She previously said she is in 'no rush' to lose her baby weight.
But it seems that Chantelle Houghton has grown tired of the slow and steady approach to shedding the pounds, and has embarked on a tough new regime to help her get rid of her post-pregnancy figure.
The 29-year-old former reality star was spotted being put through her paces by a bootcamp instructor in an Essex park earlier this week.

Working it out: Chantelle wore a strappy black vest top as she was put through her paces in an Essex park by a No1 Bootcamp instructor

Chantelle scraped her blonde hair back in a high ponytail, and wore a revealing all-black outfit consisting of a vest top and tight black leggings as she worked up a sweat.
Prior to the session, Chantelle spent some time chatting to her personal trainer about which areas she wanted to focus on toning up.
And it appears that the main area Chantelle is keen on losing some weight in is her stomach area.

I want to lose weight here, and here: Prior to her workout, Chantelle discusses with the trainer the areas she wants to focus on

Bingo wings be gone! Chantelle chats to the trainer about how she wants to tone up her upper arms

The former Celebrity Big Brother star was seen pinching the fat on her stomach between her hands, demonstrating to the trainer that she is not as toned as she once was.
Chantelle was then seen lifting up her arm to point out the dreaded 'bingo wing' area, apparently showing the trainer she would like a more toned upper arm.
But it certainly appears as though Chantelle is in the right hands, as her trainer displayed his incredibly muscular physique in a tight black T-shirt and camouflage khaki trousers, also drawing attention to his tattooed arms in the workout gear.

Less than toned: At the moment, Chantelle has quite a way to go before she regains her pre-pregnancy size 10 figure

Getting stuck in: As Chantelle involved herself thoroughly in the workout, her hair flew over her face

You can do it! Chantelle was encouraged and motivated by her muscular trainer in the park

And after chatting to Chantelle about her fitness and weight loss aspirations, the trainer put the blonde star through exercises with a large tyre and a kettlebell.
However, new mother Chantelle appeared to be struggling with some of the moves, huffing and puffing her way through the regime.
At one point, Chantelle looked to be so involved in the workout that her hair came out of the ponytail, flying across her face as she hopped, skipped and jumped.

Struggling through: One of the exercise props Chantelle used in the session was a large kettlebell

One more rep: The trainer demonstrates the correct position for the move as Chantelle tries her best to copy

Chantelle spoke previously about her aim of losing weight with her regular personal trainer sessions.
She said: 'I don't really have a target. I'd love to be back to a size 10 but I'd be happy with a 12. My body has changed so much that I'd feel happy just to not be so wobbly.'
However, Chantelle said shortly after giving birth to daughter Dolly, her first child with ex-fiancé Alex Reid, that she was in no rush to lose weight.
She said: 'I' ll just do it gradually. I'm in no rush!'

Time to get rid of that spare tyre! The pair also used a huge tyre as a weight to help them in the session

Pushing through the pain: Chantelle appeared more confident as she completed a long session of sit ups

source: dailymail

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