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Monday, October 1, 2012

Bet he didn't expect that! High speed skateboard stunt brought to a sudden end for one rider as he is hit by a stray DEER


Hey where'd you come from? As this skateboarder hurtles down the hill at a claimed speed of 40mph, a delicate looking deer veers into his path

Fun thought it might be, skateboarding down a hill at high speed is no doubt fraught with many dangers.
But it's almost certain that the unfortunate boarder didn't anticipate this particular hazard as he sped down a fire road at what is claimed to be 40mph.
The daredevil is flung into the dirt at the side of the road at phenomenal speed after he is rammed by a deer galloping alongside the group of reckless riders.

Uh on: The rider tucks in an attempt to avoid the animal, but at these speeds there's no way he can take evasive action

The video, which was just today uploaded to YouTube, so far has only 10 views and no comments.
It shows a gang of skateboarders, wearing safety helmets but little other protective equipment, as they speed down tree-lined a mountain road. With their heads tucked for aerodynamic efficiency, they hurtle down the highway, on a clear, sunny day.
Despite the high velocity, all seem to be keeping steady balance, picking up speed as they race down the hill's steady decline. That is until, seemingly from nowhere, a deer comes sprinting alongside and barges straight into one unlucky skateboarder.

There's only one way this can end... The galloping deer barges straight into the hapless daredevil

Although he does his best to avoid the creature, then brace for the impact, he is sent tumbling off the road generating a cloud of dust.
According to the video's uploader, the animal was okay after the smash. 'The deer fled away after the accident and I am sure he wasn't hurt,' the uploader writes.
There was no information on the condition of the rider.

Smackdown: The boarder tastes the dirt on the side of the long winding mountain road

source: dailymail

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