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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Beautiful Britain, take a look around - where 'waving woods and waters wild do hymn an autumn sound'


Huge waves over the Cobb at Lyme Regis in Dorset on a very high tide following the low pressure that passed over the country overnight

Autumn gales whipped up the waves as 60mph winds and hide tides battered Britain's coastline today.
Huge waves crashed onto seafronts up and down the country after gale force winds churned up the sea, created by an area of low pressure which has been hovering over the country.
For many it followed a night of heavy rain which left roads flooded and impassable in parts of Hertfordshire, Berkshire and Cumbria.

Crashing waves: Autumn gales whip up the surf on the seafront at Swansea Marina during high tide early this morning shortly after sunrise

Gusts: The huge waves crash on to the seafront after winds of up to 60mph hit the coast

Wet and wild: Waves crash on to the seafront in Swansea - for many areas it followed a night of heavy rainfall

Battered: Huge waves can be seen over the Cobb at Lyme Regis in Dorset

Worrying: The stormy weather and heavy rain plus rising high tides caused Whitehaven in Cumbria to flood today

The band of wet weather, which began in the South West of England at midnight last night, has been moving steadily north all day and is currently drenching parts of Northern Ireland and Scotland.
But across the rest of the country, a combination of beautiful sunrise, brown, red and golden leaves and in Scotland, a frosty morning, served up a delight for photographers and nature lovers.

Beauty: The morning sun creates a dramatic display of stunning colours over Malmesbury, Wiltshire this morning

The words of Elizabeth Barrett Browning may have come to mind for those with distant memories of English lessons.
In 1833, her first lines of a poem entitled simply, The Autumn, read: 'Go, sit upon the lofty hill, And turn your eyes around, Where waving woods and waters wild, Do hymn an autumn sound.'
The good residents of Otterbourne in Hampshire may have woken a little less cheery than most, having endured the most rain, with 23mm falling - almost a quarter of the expected levels for October.

Stunning: The sun rises behind a church in Malmesbury after a band of heavy rain swept across the UK last night - and now it's heading north

The seafront walk at Saltdean, East Sussex, became impassable this morning as the waves crashed over the sea wall and flooded it

Seasonal: Three year-old Annie Wood rides her scooter in front of changing autumn leaves in Sheffield Park Gardens near Haywards Heath in west Sussex

Stunning: A man walks through the autumnal scene in Sheffield Park Gardens today

Attractive: A combination of beautiful sunrise, brown, red and golden leaves served up a delight for photographers and nature lovers

Beautiful: This enormous tree looked spectacular with its colourful leaves this morning in Sussex

Pretty: Two swans look graceful as they glide past the stunning autumn leaves in Sheffield Park Gardens

Changes: Leaves begin to display their autumnal colours at The National Trust's Tatton Park n Knutsford, Cheshire

Relaxed: Surrounded by stunning Autumn colours, a stag takes a rest from his part in the rutting season at Chatsworth House, Derbyshire

Nature: Stags are seen rutting in the early morning mist

An African Pigmy hedgehog out and about in the autumn colours at Pennywell Farm in Buckfastleigh in Devon

The adorable hedgehog clambers over a branch between the autumn leaves

Nippy: A horse walks through a frost covered field at Muir of Ord near Inverness where the temperature fell to -5 overnight

Cold: A frost covered field at Muir of Ord near Inverness this morning which escaped the rain

Chilly: Frost covers the grass in a scene that looks more wintery than autumn in Inverness

Freezing: The temperature fell to -5C in Muir of Ord near Inverness in Scotland, resulting in these flowers being covered in frost

Corfe Castle in Dorset looks eerie as mist settles over the landscape

Warm glow: The sun starts to bathe the landscape in a warm glow around the famous castle

Changing seasons: The autumn colours glow brigthly across the Dorset landscape and there isn't a cloud in the sky

All at sea: Fishermen and motorists are pictured stranded in the rising water at Sandside, Cumbria

source: dailymail

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