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Sunday, September 16, 2012

'You should be a lot better than that': Gary Barlow slams Bianca Gascoigne's vocal talent as Gazza's stepdaughter fails to score on X Factor


Back to the drawing board: Bianca Gascoigne, stepdaughter of footballer Paul Gascoigne, tried her luck unsuccessfully on X Factor

Hoping to become a celebrity for a bona fide talent rather than just her famous name, Bianca Gascoigne auditioned for the X Factor.
The step-daughter of football legend Bianca Gascoigne tried her luck on yet another reality TV show, having made her name on flop programme Celebrity Love Island.
Unfortunately Gary Barlow slammed her vocal ability as being not 'good enough'.
Bianca said: 'Since I was young I’ve grown up in the public eye because of my dad, Paul Gascoigne, who’s like a legend at football.

Testify: The 25-year-old hoped that people would take her seriously as a singer but was left deflated after the judges comments

'When I was like 19 I got asked to do a show called Love Island, it was an opportunity I thought ‘yeah why not I’m young, who would turn it down’, and obviously when I came out of there I was getting invited to all these parties, it was a whole new life, I was just living it up.
'I do look back and just think I just wish I was a bit more sensible, I hate the fact that people see me as this party girl because I have got so much more to me than that. I’ve always been a singer, this is something that I’ve wanted to do and it’s bee

Mother's pride: Sheryl Gascoigne watched hopefully on from the backstage area as he daughter sang I'm Going Down, by Mary J Blige

She added: 'I just hope they don’t think I’m just doing this as another show, this is really what I want, I love singing and hopefully they can see that when I walk on stage, you know that I really do care and that I’m going to be nervous because it means so much to me.'
The 25-year-old sang I'm Going Down by Mary J Blige, but ironically the title of the single summed up her status on the show.
Gary kicked things off by saying: 'If I could compare you with the other 25-year-olds we’ve had it’s really not good enough.

Bad times: Judge Tulisa knows Bianca from the social scene but said that she found the audition very awkward

Too hard to take: Bianca's little brother burst into tears as his sister faced some negative comments from the judges

'What the other 25-year-olds have is that they’ve been singing like all their lives, seriously singing.
'At 25 you should be a lot better than that. In general it was a bit of a mediocre audition.'
Louis Walsh was bit more sensitive and said: 'Bianca you haven’t got a bad voice, you’ve got a great image you know but it’s tough because we’ve got some amazing singers in this category already. '
Tulisa was also a lot more supportive as she tried to sugar coat the bad news.

Unbelievable: The two family members couldn't belive the judges didn't think Bianca had talent and neither could some Twitter users

The long walk home: Bianca was visibly distressed as she left the audition having failed to score with the judges

She said: 'I appreciate and admire the fact that you’ve come up and basically wanted to try something different and change the public’s perception of you.
'I think you’re a cool girl I’ve met you out a couple of times but I’ve got to be honest i don’t think the vocals were strong enough for this competition.'
Guest judge Rita Ora gave the final negative comment and said: 'I can tell you were nervous but I agree with T, I think we’ve seen better singers.'

Living legend: Former footballer Paul Gascoigne is Bianca's stepfather as well as an iconic sportsman

In the past: Bianca appeared on Celebrity Love Island back in 2006, but she now regrets having done the flop show

With each judge saying no, Bianca was sent home as Tulisa explained to Rita and Louis that she found that whole audition 'really awkward'.
Some of Bianca's famous friends spoke out on her behalf via Twitter with former Big Brother contestants Brian Belo and Imogen Thomas leading the way.
Brian said: 'They should of put Bianca Gascoigne through on #XFactor I've seen people who were worse then her go through!!! She was good x'.
While Imogen wrote: 'Onwards and upwards...not meant to be gorge!!! Everything happens for a reason! Keep smiling hope your well @BiancaGascoigne xxx.'

source: dailymail

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