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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Why Jack didn't get on the plank with Rose... James Cameron puts to rest the latest Titanic meme with cold, hard physics


Did he really have to die? A popular internet meme points out that there was plenty of room for Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) to climb on the raft with Rose (Kate Winslet) in the 1997 movie Titanic

It's a question that's been circulating on internet sites for months now.
Why didn't Jack climb onto the raft with Rose in the final minutes of the 1997 movie Titanic, when there was clearly plenty of room?
'Actually it's not a question of room, it's a question of buoyancy,' explained director James Cameron.

They could even have played cards: This series of photos set out to prove that Jack could
easily have come along for the ride, and lived to a ripe old age with Rose

Cameron told internet news and gaming site IGN: 'When Jack puts Rose on the raft, he tries to get on the raft - he's not an idiot, he doesn't want to die - and the raft sinks; it kind of flips.'
'And so it's clear that there's really only enough buoyancy available for one person. So he makes the decision to let her be that person.'

A student of physics: Director James Cameron explains that the raft issue was buoyancy, not room

Cameron was directly addressing recent speculation by Titanic fanatics, who set out to prove that faulty logic was at play when Jack, played by a young Leonardo DiCaprio, didn't climb onto the raft with Rose, played by Kate Winslet.
A series of photographs which popped up on Tumblr and dozens of other pop culture sites, begins by showing an aerial view of the original raft, with Rose lying on it and Jack hanging on in the water.
The photos then recreate the scene on land, with a man and a woman in different configurations, showing how the two young lovers might easily have fit on the raft.
But Cameron sees things differently.

Cutting edge: Cameron explained that crowd scenes on the Titanic were done using computer graphics

'If he got on with her they'd both be half in and half out of the water, and they would have both died,' he explains, adding that this would have led to both characters dying from hypothermia.
On her own, Kate is 'completely out of the water on the raft', Cameron added.
The director also reveals that the problem will be tackled on the show Mythbusters, which will devoted a whole episode to the topic.
'I'm gonna help them do it actually - we're going to put it to rest,' Cameron says.
In the interview, Cameron also expounds on the intricacies of making the Titanic into a 3D movie, as well as the revolutionary computer graphics technology that was used for the movie.
'The crowd scenes were all done with CG - that hadn't been done before,' he said.

source: dailymail

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