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Saturday, September 29, 2012

What no hard hats? Naked cavers brave the underground chill as they pose in the buff for charity calendar


The calendar, which is donating its proceeds to the caving rescue team, is selling like hot cakes

A group of cavers has stripped off to pose nude as they go about their pasttime, and posed nude for a quirky calendar - with not a care for health and safety regulations.
The calendar, which shows caving enthusiasts in the buff as they explore caves in the UK and France, shows a string of men and women clambering around in the rocks with not an overall between them.
One shot shows a woman wearing just wellies and a harness as she clambers up a sheer rock face and another shows four in-the-buff cavers wearing nothing but hard hats with lights on them.

The stunning shots show a group of cavers in their favourite spots around the UK and France

It has already proved a hit among cavers in the UK who are snapping the £10 calendar up in droves.
Caver Laura Brown, who took the photos for the calendar, said: 'I liked the idea of the human form naked in a cave, but I also wanted to raise some smiles.'

The group posed totally naked with just headlights to guide the way

The scenic shots have become very popular amongst the caving communities

source: dailymail

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