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Friday, September 14, 2012

What a Carrie on! Sarah Jessica Parker covers her feet in plasters... days after tottering in dangerously high heels


Brought to heel: Sarah Jessica Parker seemed to be suffering as she took her children to school in Manhattan today

As Carrie Bradshaw she was never without her trademark high heels.
But it appears her years of suffering for style have finally caught up with Sarah Jessica Parker, for she was spotted with multiple plasters on her feet as she went for a stroll in New York today.
The unsightly blue Band-Aids took the shine away from the eye-catching, yet modestly heeled, gold shoes she had decided to wear as she took her children to school.

Feeling blue: It appears she had covered some nasty blisters with plasters

She was accompanied by a nanny as she dropped youngsters Marion and Tabitha off at nursery school.
But there was little danger of them experiencing any problems due to uncomfortable
The three-year-old twins make up two-thirds of her brood with Inspector Gadget actor Matthew Broderick.
But while their first child, nine-year-old James, was born naturally, the girls were born through the use of a surrogate.

Walking on: Sarah appeared to be grimacing as she pushed her daughter in her stroller

Sarah looked great as she enjoyed the morning air as she traipsed around New York in a fashionable pair of grey jeans and striped purple top.
And she seemed to be enjoying wearing her metallic Mary Jane style shoes, though her veined feet and blue plasters spoiled the look somewhat.
But her appearance was a million miles away from her look she attended a glittering New York Fashion Week event on Sunday.

Helping hand: Luckily for Sarah she had a lackey on hand to help her take the children to school

Let's go: The twins appeared to be bored of waiting around for their mother to decide what to do next

She was spotted living it up was spotted in the front row of Diane von Furstenberg’s show.
And she had clearly dressed to impress, dazzling the crowd in a pair of yellow shoes that had a gold trim and dangerously high heels.
And it seems she has been left suffering for her look in the days since, with her band-aids no doubt covering some nasty blisters on her heel.
It seems it is a case of life imitating art for the Flight of the Navigator favourite, as he most famous character Carrie Bradshaw was famous for her penchant for shoes, usually Manolo Blahniks, but also Christian Louboutins and Jimmy Choos.

source: dailymail

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