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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wet, but not so wild: Miserable Mila Kunis gets soaked to the skin in a New York river as she films scenes for new Robin Williams movie


Soaked to the skin: Mila Kunis and Robin Williams somehow ended up in the East River in Brooklyn on Tuesday

It may be a glamorous life, but occasionally there are some drawbacks to being a movie star.
And Mila Kunis found herself in one of those more uncomfortable situations on Tuesday during filming for her latest movie The Angriest Man in Brooklyn.
The 29-year-old actress ended up sopping wet in a New York river alongside co-star Robin Williams during a scene in New York today.

Coming to aid: Mila lent Robin a helping hand out of the water during the dramatic scene

The actress didn't look too happy as she stood in the river with Robin, with her hospital scrubs outfit clinging to her.
The scene progressed with Mila helping Robin stagger out of the East River, with her dark hair looking wet and straggly.
Later, she strolled around the set in the sunshine in an attempt to dry herself off.

Drenched: Mila didn't look too impressed to be up to her knees in cold water during a break in filming

The Angriest Man in Brooklyn sees Robin star as an obnoxious patient who is mistakenly told by a stand-in doctor (Mila) that he only has 90 minutes to live.
Mila's character tries desperately to locate the man after her comments send him on a contrite tour of the city to right all the wrongs in his life and make the most of his final minutes.
The film co-stars Game of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage, Melissa Leo and James Earl Jones.

Perfect match! Ashton and Milawore jeans and identical T-shirts in New York on Sunday

Mila was back making headlines for her acting after being the subject of media speculation for her blossoming relationship with Ashton Kutcher.
The pair skipped the Emmy awards where Ashton's co-star Jon Cryer won outstanding lead actor in a comedy - to spend time together.
They were spotted wearing jeans and identical Chicago Bears T-shirts for a stroll through the streets.
And they couldn't keep their hands off each other, putting on a tactile show of affection.

source: dailymail

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