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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wall-to-wall greenery: Stunning vertical garden brings the countryside to the city


Tall order: This gardener has quite a job on his hands maintaining the vertical garden

Italians' are known for their fashion sense and it seems even their shopping centres like to lead the way in the style stakes.
And now one clothing mecca in Milan has managed to combine fashion and natural beauty - by creating the world's biggest vertical garden on its walls.
The huge wall garden, with a total of 44,000 plants covering a surface of 1263 square metres, was inaugurated in 2010 and the finished result at The Fiordaliso commercial complex was certified by Guinness Wold Records as being the largest vertical garden in the world this week.

Combining fashion and beauty: The largest vertical garden covers the wall a shopping centre in the town of Rozzano, near Milan

Wilderness: The stunning foliage has made a drastic change to the outside of the shopping centre

Blooming marvelous: The Fiordaliso commercial complex has more than 44,000 plants covering a 1,262.85 square meter wall garden

It was designed by architect Francesco Bollani who headed up a creative team that included an architecture studio from Montpellier in France.
The previous record was held by a Madrid garden covering 844 square metres.
Mr Bollani said: 'It took us a year to grow the plants in a greenhouse and 90 days to build the facade. It was like building a giant Lego.'
The garden even has a green energy aspect - helping to regulate the temperature in the shopping centre in Rozzano by reducing direct sunlight.
It also absorbs carbon dioxide and reduces ambient noise to a minimum.

Great minds: The wall garden was deigned by architect Francesco Bollani who led a creative team including an architecture studio from France

Keeping things tidy: A gardener tends to the lawn where customers can lounge after a busy day of shopping

Shopping centre director Simone Rao added: 'This is sustainable architecture, which can combine beauty with energy saving while respecting the environment.'
French architect Le Corbusier was one of the first to conceive of a vertical garden in 1923. The idea has become increasingly popular as architects attempt to combine man-made buildings with nature.
Mr Bollani said that his version was easier to build than the original wall garden because it is made up of small metallic containers.
This means the garden was more expensive to create than classical methods, with a total cost of 1 million euros, but can be more easily altered down the line.

Record breaker: Work on the wall garden was started in 2010 and officially confirmed as the world's largest this month

Environmentally friendly: The garden wall helps to regulate the temperature inside the shopping centre by reducing direct sunlight

Sizing up: The first ever wall garden was built in 1923 and the previous record holder was a vertical garden in Madrid covering 844 square metres

Overgrown: While some plants are quickly taking to their new home, others are taking longer to settle

source: dailymail

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