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Saturday, September 29, 2012

The wife he betrayed: Months after their fairytale wedding, this husband was hand in hand with Megan, his besotted pupil of 14


Perfect day: Emily Forrest often posted online dispatches about life with the 'love of her life' Jeremy

-Emily Forrest and her her husband Jeremy celebrated their first wedding anniversary with a two week romantic break in Thailand and Malaysia
-Three months earlier Jeremy had been spotted holding hands with one of his pupils, Megan Stammers, on the way back from a school trip
-Megan was reported missing last Friday when she failed to turn up to school
-After eight days away from home, Megan and Forrest were finally apprehended by gendarmes in the French city of Bordeaux

In the dark: Unbeknown to Emily, her teacher husband Jeremy had been spotted holding hands with a pupil on a school trip just three months before their first wedding anniversary

To celebrate their first wedding anniversary in April, Jeremy Forrest and his photographer wife Emily spent two idyllic weeks in Thailand and Malaysia.
They flew by propeller plane to the beautiful island of Koh Samui, where they went kayaking, before taking a boat to the neighbouring island of Koh Tao, where they drank pink cocktails overlooking the sea.
Arriving at the five-star Traders Hotel in Kuala Lumpur for their final three days away, Emily, 30, was presented with a bouquet of red roses and a cake decorated with the words ‘Happy Anniversary’.

Megan Stammers, 15, and Jeremy Forrest, 30, disappeared last week and boarded a ferry to Calais in France

Emily’s response to this was a thrilled ‘Lovely!’ We know this because Emily, in happier days, loved to share her life – as so many young people do today – on public internet sites.
What she didn’t know then, however, was that three months before her romantic anniversary, her 30-year-old husband had been seen holding hands with one of his pupils, Megan Stammers, on a flight back from Los Angeles following a school trip. Megan was just 14 at time.
Nor was Emily aware, of the scores of tweets and messages being posted online by the husband she adored and Megan.

Beautiful bride: Emily Forrest, pictured with Jeremy on their wedding day, has maintained a dignified silence since her husband disappeared with the school pupil

Indeed, Emily Forrest was already planning their next romantic holiday together – Christmas and New Year in Dubai.
‘Next adventure booked,’ she wrote last month. ‘Not sure if I will love or hate it, but it’s somewhere I have always been intrigued to visit.’
Seemingly unbeknown to her, Forrest had been tweeting about his secret torment over the schoolgirl since March. He wrote he was ‘sacrificing his sanity’ to be with the one he loved and said he felt ‘helpless’.

In love: Emily and Jeremy Forrest seemed like a happily married and devoted couple to the outside world

On his blog, Forrest, an amateur musician who performs under the name Jeremy Ayre, wrote ‘You hit me like heroin…’ and mentioned the ‘moral dilemma’ he was in.
In June, two months before his wife posted rave reviews of their anniversary holiday on the Trip Advisor website, Forrest was tweeting ‘Some things are worth fighting for...’
In the light of this week’s drama, he clearly wasn’t talking about his marriage.

A CCTV image shows maths teacher Jeremy Forrest with teenager Megan Stammers aboard a ferry from Dover to Calais

Similarly, many of Megan’s tweets concern the trials and tribulations of a complicated romance. In March, she wrote ‘Too many things keep me awake!!! Are you not sleeping either?!’
And in May she tweeted: ‘Talking to Mum about how good my best friend’s love life is and she goes “what’s yours like then?” hahaha... you literally have no idea.’ The same month she wrote: ‘Right love, wrong time’.

source: dailymail

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