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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Teetering on the brink: Block of flats evacuated after floods wash away its foundations


Shocking: Residents had to be evacuated from the newly built Spencer Court in Newburn, Newcastle as heavy rain washed away the gardens of the houses

This terrifying sight brings home the full horror of the floods that have hit areas of Britain after a mighty deluge that brought a month's rainfall in just 24 hours.
A block of flats is precariously perched on stilts on an estate in Newburn, Newcastle, its foundations washed away by the waterfall which formed after the road outside turned into a river.
Rosemary Murdie, 20, is nearly five months’ pregnant, and had to be carried out of her home. ‘We could hear the water gushing in just after 5am,’ she said. ‘It was like a river.

Exposed: Around 20ft of the foundations are exposed, leaving it looking as though it is on stilts, and a torrent of water is gushing around the building

‘It’s come up to the window sill on the ground floor. Everything is ruined, it’s really upsetting and the water is filthy.’
Ms Murdie, an events management student at Newcastle College, added: 'There are seven people in our house, all the women were carried out. We could hear the water gushing in at just after 5am, it was like a river. It's come up to the window sill on the ground floor. Everything is ruined, it's
really upsetting and the water is filthy.

Sea of white: Stormy weather in Aberdeen has caused the sea to foam up and completely cover cars and houses in the Footdee fishing village

Looks like Christmas: A woman makes her way through South Square in Fittie on the coast at Aberdeen, that has been covered in a thick sea foam after flooding

'Apparently the council were here since 2am but they didn't warn people until around 5am, so I'm angry about that. It's very stressful. We all had to stay upstairs until we were carried out at around 8am.'
Happily, the residents were evacuated before the situation became quite so dangerous - and they are just some of the hundreds of Britons in temporary accommodation this evening after being told their homes are too unsafe in the current weather conditions.

Sand and water: A woman makes her way through a foam-filled street in the Aberdeen village in a scene that looks more like Christmas than autumn

On the west coast of Scotland, things looked almost apocalyptic as a fishing village near Aberdeen was left covered in a strange white foam.
Locals were left stunned as homes and vehicles in Footdee, known locally as Fittie, were covered in a blanket of the white stuff - made up of a whipped up mixture of sand and water.

Helping hand: Rescue teams come to the aid of stranded residents and a dog in Morpeth, Northumberland this morning wading waist deep in flood water

Knee deep: Firefighters in Somerset wade through floodwater to check flooded houses in Greinton, Somerset

source: dailymail

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