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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Swaying to the South Pacific beat: Duke and Duchess of Cambridge don grass skirts to join in tribal dance on final leg of royal tour


Shake their hips: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge donned grass skirts and took part in a traditional welcome dance today on the last leg of their South Pacific tour

Oh William! He certainly gave it his best shot. But perhaps blessed with his father Charles’s sense of rhythm, the Prince was never going to shine at shimmying on the dance floor.
It was Kate, in grass skirt and flower crown, who was the natural hula dancer yesterday as the royal couple joined in a traditional Polynesian welcome.
William and Kate had finally arrived on the tiny island of Tuvalu, one of the smallest and most remote countries on earth and the last stop on their tour.

Star of the show: Princess Kate joined local women in costume during the dance

They took part in a fun-filled evening of dancing and celebration before jetting off back to England again today.
At an unusually informal ‘state dinner’ hosted by the island chiefs yesterday the couple threw themselves into the celebrations. According to Kate, William has been secretly practising his dance moves at Kensington Palace in anticipation of being asked to join the islanders.

Spraying dancers: Kate performed another tradition where dignitaries sprayed dancers with perfume as a mark of respect and gratitude

But it was the Duchess herself who started the royal knees up, putting on her grass skirt and swaying in time to the music, eventually cajoling William into joining her.
The prince had unbuttoned his white shirt but left his suit jacket on, while barefoot Kate looked fun and fresh in a long, flowing dress by Alice Temperley.

Shimmied: William and Kate shimmied along with six island communities as the groups tried to out sing and dance each other in a friendly rivalry

In line with another local tradition, the two were asked to spray perfume on dancers they liked.
The nine coral atolls that make up the tiny nation of Tuvalu, where the Queen is still monarch, boast a population of just 10,000 – but yesterday it seemed that almost all had come out to welcome their future king and queen. The couple arrived by plane and were carried through the streets on a ‘carriage’ – with a thatched roof made of leaves – that had been hoisted on the shoulders of 25 strapping young islanders.

Kate was shown a child's school book as she sat in the classroom

William greeted their hosts by saying ‘talofa’ or hello and described Tuvalu as the highlight of their nine-day Diamond Jubilee tour, which came to an end today.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have now said goodbye to Tuvalu - and their Diamond Jubilee tour.

William donned a wreath of flowers during the visit to the local primary school

Captive audience: The school children watch on as Kate speaks to the class

Table talk: William and Kate also spoke to locals at the University of the South Pacific

Kate looked stunning in a yellow dress and flower head dress as she toured Tuvalu

Thirst quencher: William and Kate drink coconut milk from a tree planted by the Queen when she visited in 1982

Throne of a different kind: The couple sat at heart-shaped thrones for a celebratory meal today

source: dailymail

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