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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Oh baby! Pregnant Jennifer Aniston reveals a huge bump... but it's just for a spoof video


Just a spoof: Jennifer Aniston is 'expecting' triplets in a new viral spoof for smartwater

It's the scoop of the year, Jennifer Aniston is pregnant - in fact, she already has two other children.
However, as with most gossip through the grapevine, it's not quite true, and the Californian comedienne has simply starred in a spoof video while poking fun at her celebrity lifestyle.
The 43-year-old has collaborated with US water brand smartwater, taking centre stage as a ditzy mother-of-two who is now expecting triplets.

Could art imitate life? Jennifer is now engaged to Mulholland Drive star Justin Theroux

The action starts with a cameo from American Idol host Ryan Seacrest presenting a mock news report, saying Jennifer's home security tapes have been leaked online by an unknown source.

Home videos: The spoof jokes that Jennifer's surveillance has leaked online

The footage then cuts to black and white video surveillance of the Friends star, climbing inside of a new car and addressing the saleswoman by the wrong name, calling her Demi instead of Mimi.
She then reverses and crashes the vehicle, before coming back inside the house, shrugging off the incident, and announcing: 'I forgot my smartwater.'

The big reveal: Jennifer had been wearing a band to squash her baby bump

Aniston heads to the kitchen, where she is seen with her back to the camera removing a Velcro band from her waist, which has been squashing her stomach to disguise the enormous baby bump.
As she turns around for the big reveal, she shows off the faux tummy, stroking it as she says: 'How are my little triplets doing? You must be so thirsty' - then drinking the product she is promoting.
A home-help voice then comes through the intercom telling Jennifer her trainers are ready for a workout, before we see four burly men lifting her up and down, without her having to break a sweat.

We are family! The actress has two other 'sons' - one of whom is Jimmy Kimmel

Looks tough! Aniston enjoys a workout, being lifted by four burly men

Life of a VIP: Two men fill Jennifer's pool with bottled smartwater

Jennifer then heads outside to the pool, where two men are filling it with bottles of smartwater.
Cue her twentysomething son, played by Jimmy Kimmel, wearing a snorkel mask and armbands as he wanders into the outdoor area and asks his mother for a swim.
When she declines, he cries: 'You always make me hide, I think you're ashamed someone will see me,' before she tries to usher him into house alongside his brother, a small person in an alien suit.

Not such a good look! Rachel takes off her wig to reveal tight curls beneath her 'Rachel' hair

Changing faces: Aniston says 'Goodnight Rachel' before removing the wig styled like her Friends character

How the other half lives: Jennifer pretended to have a selection of wigs she uses

At the end of her day, Jennifer is seen standing in front of a mirror, saying: 'Good night Rachel.'
She is alluding to the famous hairdo that became just as famous as the character itself in the Nineties sitcom, as she yanks off a wig to reveal frizzy unkempt locks.
The product tagline then flashes up: 'Even more refreshing than the truth.'
While Jennifer is yet to have any children in real life, a family could soon be on the cards after she accepted a proposal from Mulholland Drive actor Justin Theroux on his 41st birthday last month.

source: dailymail

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