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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Now and then: Cringeworthy pictures of people recreating photos years later (and they look pounds heavier and a thousand times more awkward)


Helping Out: This is what happens when you don't get your little boy a drum set for Christmas

Remember that adorable photograph your parents took when you got into the spaghetti before you could use a fork? Or when you did everything in your favorite pair of overalls?
Well, some people have taken their favorite family snapshots and decided to re-live them, decades later, with often hysterical results.
The Chive has collected a number of nostalgia-inspiring images as well as their modern day recreations, sure to incite the same grins and giggles as the originals a few years down the line.

In The Eyes: She still has no shame

Great Expectations: No turtles were harmed in the taking of this photograph

Their Kryptonite: These guys are like the Avengers, but not

Aw, Snap: These boys used to be so cute. Sigh

Ella, Ella: No one's umbrella lasts this long

Splish Splash: This brothers were taking a bath... and never stopped?

Woof: They grow up so fast

Jump: Dad is totally into this

Blondie: This young lady poses for a portrait in front of the same prairie and sporting the same pout

Team: This dangerous duo turned out exactly as one would imagine

Poser: This young lady is still wearing the same onesie

Unwrapped: This tot's parents have apparently stopped splurging on wrapping paper

Styles: Oh, what a perm

Trade Up: Same haircut, same bad habits

Don't Forget the Fringe: These cowboys still got it

No Words: The amount of awkward in this image is indescribable

Plaid: Where does one even find pants like these anymore?

Aw: Nothing like two brothers and a cardboard box

Weird: Please don't show this to anyone ever again

Pop: This is the most confused Asian boy band ever

Priceless: Beauty blossoms with age

All Grown Up: Off to the first day of life!

Pups: That dog has totally stolen the show

Sisters: Same smile, same hair, same love

Fade In: Then fade out

Mad Skillz: The artistry applied to the finger painting is apparent

source: dailymail

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