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Friday, September 14, 2012

Mommy's big girl! Suri Cruise gets indulged by Katie Holmes with tea and cake after day at school


Let them eat cake: Katie Holmes gave Suri Cruise a treat after finishing school today by taking her for tea and treats

Starting school is a big step for any child.
So it is little wonder Katie Holmes decided to spoil Katie Holmes after she took her first steps into the world of education this week.
The Batman Begins actress literally swept the youngster off her feet as she took her into fancy cake shop in New York today.
She treated her to a special meal at Alice's Tea Cup, which is one of the trendiest tea rooms in the Big Apple.

You will never walk alone: Perhaps much-carried Suri should consider becoming a Liverpool fan

It seems the youngster was worn out by her day of finger-painting and learning her ABCs.
For once again, Katie insisted on carrying the six-year-old around like a giant teddy bear.
But Tom Cruise's daughter did not seem to mind, especially when she saw all the treats on display when she got inside the popular tea room.

Decisions, decisions: Suri had to make a judgement call between having a french fancy or a chocolate eclair

No doubt the dynamic duo will have chatted about Suri's experiences now she is finally a student at primary school, with children in the US starting a year later than in the UK.
Sadly her father missed her first day as he was too busy mincing around in London.
Perhaps his presence would have calmed Suri, who was spotted biting her nails before heading into the exclusive $39,750-a-year Avenues School on Tuesday.
Sadly for the youngster, whose parents announced they were divorcing in June, it was not to be.

Too much cake Suri? Perhaps she was so stuffed she found it too difficult to walk back to the car

Posh: Alice's Tea Cup is one of the trendiest such establishments in the whole of New York

source: dailymail

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