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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Man or machine? The most hyper-realistic tattoos ever


Man vs. machine: The bionic arms and biceps are a specialty of his

At first glance, they’re partially surreal, and wholly terrifying.
But the second mouths on neck, open stiches revealing superficial muscles, and the bionic pistons breaking through the flesh on a person’s arm, are actually not real.
Rather, they are hyper-realistic tattoos created by talented tattoo artists.

Strange anatomy: Venezuelan-born Yomico Moreno is a tattoo artist working out of Caracas; his hyper-realistic tattoos, including a second mouth on a man's neck, left, and a poorly sutured incision with the needle still 'attached,' require a second glance

Venezuelan artist Yomico Moreno, who works out of Caracas, has inked a variety of tattoos, ranging from sinister to downright surreal.
Among his works are bionic arms, layers of skin ‘peeled back’ to reveal a beating heart, and the somewhat less dystopic images of ladybugs and butterflies.

Scar tissue: One of Moreno's specialties is to show layers of 'muscle and sinew' below the skin, though of course, it is only ink

Terrifying: This tarantula looks as if it's creeping down an unsuspecting man's arm; clever shading and shadows help make these images look real

His attention to detail is apparent, meticulously adding shadows, shading, and dimension to his work, creating what is undeniably art - though not the kind typically seen in museums.
He told Tattoo Tree in an interview last year that he began taking interest in tattooing at the age of 14, and has since dedicated his life to the craft of permanently inking skin.
The artist said that knowledge is the cornerstone for his often fantastical work.

Half man, half machine: Moreno has created a hyper-realistic piece of art on his client's bicep and forearm, giving the illusion of a cyborg

Matters of the heart: Tattooed clamps hold open a heart that was apparently sliced by the scalpel

Undone: Left, a tattooed zipper reveals an inked deltoid and bicep; and right, another image of cracked skin that reveals a 'machine' underneath

Eye on the prize: A blinking grey eye looks up from the forearm of one of Moreno's clients

The persistence of memory: Moreno tattooed an infested flesh wound next to a black and white Chuckie, left, and right, a pocket watch resting on a man's hand

Soundscape: An audio mixing board and piano keys look like they're simply below this man's skin

V for Vendetta: The phrase 'Vi veri universum vivus vici is a Latin phrase meaning 'By the power of truth, I, while living, have conquered the universe;' it was popularly quoted in the 2006 film V For Vendetta

source: dailymail

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