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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How brolly inconvenient! Dita Von Teese drops her umbrella at LFW show... and avoids embarrassment by summoning helpers to pick it up


Oops! Dita Von Teese accidentally dropped her umbrella and didn't want to bend down in her figure hugging dress in full view of the photographers at Monday's Burberry Prorsum London Fashion Week show

Dita Von Teese narrowly avoided an embarrassing error as she turned up to the Burberry Prorsum show at London Fashion Week earlier today (Monday).
The burlesque dancer gave off an air of sophistication ready for her photo opportunities at the starry event.
But she almost had to face bending down in her figure hugging dress in front of the waiting paparazzi who were ready to catch the move when she accidentally dropped her umbrella on the ground.

Help at hand: But some helpful PR men came to her rescue as they handed back her accessory from the floor

Dita, 39, dressed to impress at the fashion show in a knee-length printed frock with flower detailing like a Van Gogh painting.
She showed up picture perfect with her black locks in her staple curls and accessorising with matching heels and handbag.
But she ran into problems when she lost her grip on the maroon umbrella she was carrying and dropped it on the floor.

Strike a pose: Dita used the umbrella to match her look as she showed off for photographers before the mishap

There it goes! Von Teese's picture perfect stance was ruined as she lost the grip of her matching accessory

What to do? She first of all hesitated about having to bend over in her figure hugging dress before summoning over a helpful PR

Although ever the pro she was fully aware the waiting photographers would get the image she wouldn't want them to see so expectantly looked around hesitantly.
And she soon got the answer she was looking for as two helpful male PRs ran to her aid to pick it up for her.
Smiling widely as it was handed back to her, Dita then thanked the men and continued her evening clasping her accessory.

What a gent! She was all smiles after being rescued from having to bend and be captured on camera

She then took her seat on the front row when she was inside, but was joined by a rather unlikely companion next to her.
One Direction's Harry Styles showed of his fashion credentials as he attended the high fashion event.
While to her right Aaron Paul sat next to her as she posed perfectly with the umbrella in its position.

American dream: Dita Von Teese and Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul caught up before the show

Nice seat: Harry Styles looked pleased to be seated by the curvy Dita Von Teese as he looked at her rather than the models

source: dailymail

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