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Saturday, September 22, 2012

'Gangnam Style' gets sporty! University's entire athletics department performs viral version of Korean pop hit


Gangnam Style: A sports teacher at University of Illinois Chicago poses as South Korean star Psy while the university cheerleaders imitate the original dance in their own parody of the hit

It may open with a shot of scantily clad cheerleaders, but a college athletics department's recent parody of internet pop sensation, Gangnam Style, proves you don't need costumes or raunchy moves to get truly 'Gangnam'.
An enormous cast of University of Illinois Chicago soccer players, swimmers, gymnasts and other sports team members, are just the latest dance enthusiasts to join in the craze that is sweeping the nation after the South Korean techno hit went viral.
And it's not just the students who have taken part in the UIC video - coaches and teachers also appear with their young counterparts convincingly imitating the now famous horse riding dance move.

Trendsetter: Psy (pictured left) and the cast of his You Tube sensation 'Gangnam Style' that has attracted over 140million views

Gangnam Style, the original version, has been viewed on YouTube by a staggering 230million people since it was released in July and no one is more surprised by its success than its creator, Psy.
A slightly plump rapper and singer with a decade-long career in South Korea, he never thought he would make a break overseas.

Yeah! Students on the baseball field do the now famous riding dance move while friends back flip across the frame

And in this corner... Players of all types of sports, in this case, soccer, came out for their part

Set point: The tennis team go 'Gangnam' on the court

Shake it: The gymnastics team show they've got the moves mastered to perfection

The 34-year-old - whose real name is Park Jae-Sang - explained: 'The YouTube video never targeted foreign countries. It was for local fans.
'My goal in this music video was to look uncool until the end. I achieved it.'
In the bizarre and infectious video, he prances like a horse and wildly gestures while posing in a sauna, a stable and even on the toilet - scenes that have captured the imagination and humour of his western audience.

Wave your ams: The video runs the entire length of the song and with everyone including the teachers and coaches participating could be seen as an effective ad for the sports department

No one left out: In the original video, Psy appears in a pool making the swim team's appearance all the more apt

Support: Bound up in knee bandages, the girls' volleyball team jump keep in perfect time to the Gangnam rhythm

The song, released in mid-July, was meant as a commentary on the rampant materialism and emphasis on appearance of today's South Korea - particularly in relation to Gangnam, which Psy terms Seoul's Beverly Hills.
But in recent parodies, the message has been reinterpreted by an English speaking audience, who mostly hear an infectious dance tune and see a hilarious satire.
The impeccably filmed version filmed at UIC stars hundreds of the school's 'Flames' and has already attracted 5,500 hits on You Tube since posting it yesterday.

Experts: If anyone should be able to do the riding moves, it's the cheerleaders

Improvising: During the verses of the catchy pop song, the Chicago students show their own moves like these gentlemen who do the 'worm'

The master: Psy's video to the song named after an upscale South Korean neighbourhood has been an internet hit and has spawned numerous parody videos

It's fresh-faced, able-bodied participants bring a new perspective on the original version that featured half naked men in saunas and a good deal of hip thrusting.
The girls' volleyball team, the tennis squads, the gymnasts, basketball players and swimmers all get a slice of the action and a starring role in the video as between choruses, individual members show us improvised dance moves.
In one clip, a couple of football players do 'the worm' across the field, while in another, girls back flip across the shot.

Disco 2012: Stephani Nguyen and Jeremy Ueno's impressive parody of the popular song shows them and their wedding guests in scenes that mimic the music video - like this one a bus

Each group somehow finds their own way to get down to the fast techno beats between the catchy chorus and choreographed set pieces.
Of course, UIC are just the latest group to jump on the Gangnam bandwagon.
A couple about to be married in San Francisco shot a slick and well rehearsed version of the video and U.S. Naval Academy soldiers put together an impressive production too.

Sailor Style: A group of students from the U.S. Naval Academy do a immaculately timed rendition of the horse riding move in their version of the song

In the hilarious spoof, students from the 22nd Company strut their stuff round the Annapolis, Maryland campus decked out in their glistening white uniforms.
In El Monte, California, however, a parody made by lifeguards didn't go down too well.
Bosses at the city pool where they worked did not appreciate the synchronized swimming, complicated choreography and tireless hip-thrusting of their version and all 14 were fired.

source: dailymail

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