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Friday, September 14, 2012

Foam's up: Surfers take rare opportunity to ride fluffy waves after flooding covers coast in 330ft of yellow froth


Sea power: It looks like the surfer is about to be swallowed by the thick brown foam as the wave is coming down behind him

Three surfers braved these ferocious foam covered waves, dodging debris and litter, in their hunt for the perfect ride.
The waves were a result of overflowing flood-waters which whipped the murky-coloured waves into a frenzy, kicking up some eye-catching spray when they broke.
Photographer Chris Garden, 30, spotted the unusual sight as he drove along the coast, in Karitane, New Zealand.

Riding the fluff: A surfer tried to keep steady on the gigantic foamy wave off the New Zealand coast, a result of severe flooding in the area

The foam stretched 330ft along the shore and was nearly 100ft deep in places.
Mr Garden, who was watching the action from a cliff, said: ‘There was a big swell churning up the foam.
‘We had had a lot of flooding and so flood water had been coming out into the sea. It was all getting mixed up with the sea water and there were also logs floating out through the waves.'
‘The water is really cold at this time of year too, which doesn't make for very enjoyable surfing conditions. I think the surfers had fun but you wouldn't catch me out in it.’

Dangerous waters: The surfers had to make sure they stayed out of the way of logs and litter hidden in the foam as a result of the flooding

Mr Garden, from nearby Dunedin, added: ‘In ten years photographing surfers I have never seen anything like it before. I was driving along looking for some good waves when I came across it.’
According to Mr Garden the surfers rode the waves for about 20 minutes before heading back to shore. He said some were nearly 10ft high and the force of the waves washed all the foam onto the shore.
Mr Garden said: ’The waves were washing all the foam onto the shore.
‘Once there, it all gradually disintegrated. This scene wasn't there very long and I was lucky to catch it.’

Murky: One of the surfers is paddling out to catch yet another of the less-than-clean waves off the New Zealand coast

source: dailymail

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