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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Don't panic! UFO-shaped clouds sweep across sky in Chile


Eerie: The rare cloud formations are often mistaken for UFOs because of their saucer-like shape and orange glow

At first glance these images could be mistaken for an imminent alien invasion, but the mysterious 'UFOs' seen floating over a mountain range are in fact clouds.
The rare formations - known as lenticular clouds - have been mistaken for UFOs thanks to their smooth, flying saucer-like shape and orange glow.
The clouds, which form in areas of high altitude, often baffle onlookers and have sparked fears of alien attacks.

Space invasion: The cloud formations were snapped in the skies over Chile's Torres Del Paine National Park

Despite their sinister appearance, the cloud formations are a natural weather phenomenon created when moist air flows over a mountain or mountain range.
If the temperature in the air drops, the moisture condenses forming a spiral-shaped lenticular cloud.
These stunning pictures were captured in Chile by Russian amateur photographer Dmitry Dubikovskiy while he was travelling with friends.
The 47-year-old was 'euphoric' when he spotted the rare cloud formations in the skies over Torres Del Paine National Park.

Spectacular: Amateur photographer Dmitry Dubikovskiy spotted the unusual cloud formations while travelling with friends in Chile

'It was a really stunning view,' he said.
'Lenticular clouds always look unusual and against teh light of a sunset they look even more magnificent.
'Whenever I go out for dinner with my friends, they all want to see the pictures and talk about how unique they are.
'I've only seen this sort of phenomenon a few times in my life but each time I see it I think it's amazing,' the photographer added.
'The feeling when I saw the clouds in Chile was similar to euphoria.
'Despite having to be out in the freezing and gusty wind conditions for a few hours to capture these pictures, it was completely worth it when I saw the finished work,' Mr Dubikovskiy said.

source: dailymail

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