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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Check out his ball skills! Justin Bieber shows off his talent on the basketball court as his runs rings round Jonathan Ross


He's got the moves: He might already be king of the dancefloor but Justin Bieber proves his basketball prowess on tonight's Jonathan Ross Show

He’s adored across the globe for his baby face and musical talents but Justin Bieber might have a new set of groupies on his hands after showing off his basketball skills on the Jonathan Ross Show, airing tonight.
The Canadian teen pop sensation, who can make girls sigh with a flick of his hair, took on the Brit talk show host in a studio shoot out after being quizzed on his career and love life.
Justin was certainly keen to prove his moves on the basketball court, but he was less forthcoming when the controversial host started teasing him about his relationship status.

Mulit-talented: Justin runs rings around Jonathan during an impromptu basketball session

Trying to steer the conversation round to his high profile relationship with teen starlet Selena Gomez, Jonathan quipped:
‘Speaking of marriage, are you seeing anyone at the moment?’
The media savvy singer wasn’t about to be drawn into his tricky web, responding:
‘What does that have to do with marriage?’
After a little teasing, the 59-year-old presenter tried a more direct approach.

Backstage: Justin is joined by The Killers and Liam Neeson as he takes to the piano

‘I’m not saying you are getting married but are you seeing anyone? Or do you have to be guarded? Do you have to be careful because the fans don’t like to think you’re in a relationship? They like to think you are their Justin?’ he asked.
‘At the end of the day I’m always going to be their Justin, regardless of who I’m dating. I like to make sure my fans are comfortable. I don’t like to talk about it too much, to throw it in their face or anything.’

Clowning around: Justin jokes with Jonathan after chatting about marriage and Fifty Shades of Grey

He might not have wanted to discuss his girlfriend but he was more than happy to joke about a certain raunchy literary phenomenon.
When Jonathan asked him if he’d read Fifty Shades of Grey, Justin was quick on his feet, joking:
‘They actually want me to be in the movie.'

Mobbed: Justin gets surrounded by crazed fans while promoting his book in London

He might still be in his teens but the Girlfriend singer is in the UK to promote his autobiography, Just Getting Started, and has been followed by his usual deluge of fans.
Jonathan also had Claire Balding and Liam Neeson on the show while The Killers joined Justin Bieber for an impromptu backstage performance.

Line-up: Liam Neeson, Justin Bieber, Clare Balding and the Killers pose with Jonathan Ross ahead of his show tonight

source: dailymail

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