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Friday, June 22, 2012

Miss World 2012 Contestants, Beach Beauties (Part 2)


Miss World 2012 Contest - Schedule of Events

Tuesday 24th July 2012: Opening Ceremony

Miss World 2012 gets underway with a spectacular opening ceremony and live concert on July 24th, and we will also be showing all of the highlights as part of the grand final on the 18th August before the main show begins.
40,000 people within the brand new Dongsheng stadium in Ordos will watch on as many of China's leading stars join an international cast in welcoming Miss World to Inner Mongolia.
People viewing the concert will also be able to donate money online towards the Beauty with a Purpose cause. This new Miss World feature will allow thousands of people to become a part of the Miss World experience.


Thursday 26th - Saturday 28th July 2012: Miss World Festival

Throughout the 3-day festival, Miss World Up Close and Personal sees five dedicated camera teams living 'in house' at the Regal Airport Hotel giving exclusive round-the-clock TV and online coverage.
For the first time, viewers will be able to watch the Miss World event through the eyes of all 120 Miss World contestants as each contestant is given their own web section on to upload their personal progress to the final show.


Saturday 18th August: Miss World 2012 Final [19.30 - 22.00 local time]

A world record 120 nations will enter the Ordos Stadium Arena in a spectacular choreographed opening. Miss World 2012 will be broadcast live from Ordos, Inner Mongolia to an audience in excess of one billion viewers in over 160 countries.
We are excited to announce that the live Miss World contest this year will have a 30-minute extended running time allowing us to feature the journey to the final and showcase the world's most glamorous event to a global audience for a full 2.5 hours. Edited highlights from the Miss World Festival will also be broadcast during the live Miss World Final.










New Zealand


Northern Ireland


source: missosology, Missworld

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