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Monday, May 28, 2012

Naked man shot dead by police as he chewed victim's face off by side of freeway


Down: A side view shows the naked attacker shortly after he was shot dead by police

The moment police shot a naked man to death as he reportedly chewed the face off another man has been caught on CCTV.
Images show the legs of two men lying beneath a freeway underpass in Miami when a police car arrives on the scene.
Police shot the man thinking it would end the attack, but the aggressor continued to bite his victim prompting authorities to fire at least half a dozen shots until he died.
The man is fighting for his life in a nearby hospital after suffering critical injuries in the savage attack.
Neither the naked man nor the victim have been identified.
A woman notified a police officer nearby that she had seen two men fighting, witnesses told The Miami Herald.

Caught: Surveillance footage shows the two naked men after the attacker was shot by police

Down: Surveillance footage shows the two naked men lying on the walkway next to a major Miami highway, and since the left body never moves, he is the victim whose face was being chewed by the right man

A series of gunshots were heard at the off-ramp of the MacArthur Causeway along North 13th Street.
When the officer located the men, the aggressive naked male was in the process of chewing the victim, who was also not wearing any clothes, the Herald reported.
The officer demanded that the naked man stop what he was doing.

Still alive: The attacker moves and sits up even though he had already been shot, and police continue to shoot him until he finally dies on the scene

Hero: A police spokesman called the officer who repeatedly shot the attacker 'a hero'

But when he refused to listen and continued to feast on the victim, the officer shot him, according to the newspaper.
Despite suffering a bullet wound, the naked man would not stop so the officer fired about six more shots.
In that barrage of gunfire, the naked man was killed, collapsing face-down on the pedestrian walkway right by the Herald's parking garage.
Javier Ortiz, a police spokesman, said that based on information he's received, the officer who fired the shots 'is a hero and saved a life'.

Growing concern: Police cars gather as the situation progresses

The victim was transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital Ryder Trauma Center and is said to be suffering from massive injuries.
Very little is known about the circumstances leading up to the attack, but police have speculated that the victim may have been homeless.
Witness Larry Vega told Local 10: 'I stopped a City of Miami police officer and informed him that a homeless man was killing another person by biting and ripping his face to death.'
'The police officer confronted the aggressor, and he was like a rabid dog and confronted the officer. Then the officer shot the person four times,' he continued.
There were no weapons found near the two naked men, leading them to believe that the attacker used his own strength to subdue his victim.
'There are other ways to injure people,' Sergeant Altarr William told The Herald.
'Some people know martial arts, others are very strong and can kill you with their hands.'

Tragedy: The naked man was shot dead by police near The Miami Herald newspaper's parking garage after he wouldn't stop eating the victim

Issues: The victim was in hospital as traffic was clogged for hours as people used the route to get to the annual Urban Beach Week festival (pictured)

No tests have been done to prove this, but police have also stated that they think the attacker was likely suffering from a 'cocaine psychosis', side effects from the drug which raise the body's temperature and prompts the individual to strip.
MacArthur Causeway is a major route that connects downtown Miami to popular South Beach.
Traffic clogged the area for hours as people used the route to descend into South Beach for Urban Beach Week, an annual festival dedicated to hip-hop music.

source: dailymail

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