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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sixteen-year-old bride's REAL Big Fat Gypsy Wedding (guests please dress smart... electronic tags included)


The kiss! Cheyenne and John celebrate their union with an embrace outside the church today

The 16-year-old star of Channel 4 reality TV show Big Fat Gypsy Weddings today married the boy who 'grabbed' her in a disco last year.
Cheyenne Pidgley of Hersham, Surrey, wed 18-year-old fellow Traveller John McFadyen in a ceremony held at St Peter's church this afternoon, with 200 family and friends in attendance.
The bride, who rose to notoriety during last year's series of the show when she was 'grabbed' - roughly dragged into a car park by McFadyen after his attempts to chat her up had proved unsuccessful - said at the time she was not interested in the 17-year-old property developer.

Charming! Gypsy bride Cheyenne Pidgley, 16, got married in typically lavish style today in the village of Hersham, Surrey, while cameras filmed for the new series of Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

But McFadyen phoned to apologise for the way he treated her and Cheyenne went on to accept his proposal a month later.
Dressed in an extravagant white lace and crystal dress so wide that she struggled to squeeze through the front door of her family bungalow, Cheyenne looked in high spirits as she posed for photos with her family and friends outside.

Princess for the day: Cheyenne wears a glittering tiara to pick out the crystal embellishment on the corset of her dress

Must have accessory du jour? An electronic ankle tag

The three adult bridesmaids were resplendent in candy pink lace fishtail dresses, their skin deeply tanned and their tonged hair piled up on top of their heads.
Six further child bridesmaids were dressed in frothy pink tutus tied in the middle with broad satin ribbon, while their curly hair was adorned with feathered corsages on white Alice bands.
Guests dressed in their finery - with one decorating her electronic ankle tag for the occasion using pink plastic gemstones.

The female guest shows off her electronic ankle tag that she has decorated with pink gemstones for the occasion

McFadyen's mother was in attendence, wearing a sparkly silver dress, making the absence of Cheyenne's mother, who died of cancer last year, all the more sorely felt. In her honour, the Order of Service for the ceremony bore Cheyenne's late mother's photograph.
Reverend Jonathan Andrew, who conducted the wedding, spoke out about his part in the day earlier this week, saying was looking forward to it immensely.
He told the Elmbridge News that he had seen clips of the programme and knew exactly what to expect.

That tag in all its detail: Pink plastic floral gems were glued on to embellish the ankle tag

Glamour girls: McFadyen's mother, in silver, poses with fellow guests at the wedding this afternoon

The women wore colourful gowns while the men spruced up with smart suits - with one even wearing a fuchsia shirt

Legs eleven! Guests were well groomed and glammed up - and happy to show off their toned thighs

Nice tan! Guests' daring hemlines reveals deeply bronzed legs

Tutu-good for words: A blonde guest rocks a frothy-hemmed white dress with intricate crystal finish

Ciggie break: Gypsy weddings can be hard work, you know

Fashion parade: There was an explosion of colour at the church like Hersham had never seen

Party time: Wedding-goers headed to the local sports club after the event where a lavish reception was planned

Tagged! The pink-clad guest certainly knows how to make the best of a bad situation

Bridal party: Cheyenne and her friends pose for photos before making their way to the ceremony where groom John McFadyen is waiting

Pretty in pink: Cheyenne poses with her troupe of nine bridemaids, all clad in matching candy pink

Dressed to kill: Friends of the bride wore an eye-catching selection of revealing dresses, despite the chill in the air

Bridal party: Cheyenne and her friends pose for photos before making their way to the ceremony where groom John McFadyen is waiting

Lavish: Her extravagant gown has layer upon layer of tulle underneath to give it volume, and is embellished with diamante butterflies

Big day: The bungalow where Cheyenne's family live was a hive of activity this morning as preparations went ahead

Prepared: St Peter's Church was decorated with pink balloons ahead of the event

Inside the church: The aisle at St Peter's is 'quite wide' said Reverend Andrew, so the pews should not need to be moved to accommodate the impressive girth of Cheyenne's dress

source: dailymail

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