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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The hero returns! The Artist's Jean Dujardin mobbed in his native France as he carries Best Actor Oscar through airport


Carrying precious cargo! The Artist star Jean Dujardin arrives at the Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport surrounded by fans, holding his Oscar up in the air

In the film he's mobbed coming out of premieres as the biggest silent film actor in Hollywood. And just like The Artist, Jean Dujardin was set upon by excited fans as he arrived back in his native France today.
In the surreal scenes, the 39-year-old carried the Best Actor Oscar he won at the Academy Awards on Sunday through Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport.
He was flanked by French police and bodyguards to help him get through the crowd, but didn't let the smile fade from his face as he swung the gong high above his head. As he left Los Angeles airport earlier, he looked absolutely elated tirelessly signed autographs for fans.

Don't drop it! The French actor looked proud to be holding the Best Actor award

Before making his way to the airport the star was seen outside the Four Seasons hotel, sharing a kiss with his wife and a cuddle with his daughter - the whole family no doubt still on a post-Oscar high
As Jean took to the stage to collect the award from Natalie Portman on Sunday, he said: 'I love your country! So many of you here tonight have inspired me.'

Nothing can keep him down! The smile did not fade from the 39-year-old's face as he made his way through the crowd

He then said that if his Artist character George Valentin was accepting the award, he would have said... before launching into a barrage of French.
Later, when the reporters backstage asked him if he had sworn during the speech, he misinterpreted what they were asking and began translating what he had said, saying: 'It's amazing, it's incredible, it's unbelievable. Thank you.'
However, Dujardin's translator then stepped in and clarified that he was being asked if one of the words he had said was the French equivalent of the F-bomb, to which the actor smiled and replied: 'Yeah, I'm sorry!'
Dujardin beat out stars including George Clooney and Brad Pitt to take home the Best Actor prize, which was one of five awards collected by the critically-acclaimed French movie.

Everyone wants a piece of him! Jean was surrounded by reporters and fans

The other prizes taken home by the movie were Best Picture, Best Costume Design, Best Original Score and Best Director for Michel Hazavanicius.
The Artist tells the story of Valentin, a silent movie actor who falls out of the spotlight when he refuses to get on board with the dawn of the 'talkies'.
Instead, Valentin ploughs all his money into making his own silent movie when he is dropped by the film studio.
And while Dujardin has enjoyed huge success thanks to the film, he said last night that he probably won't make any more 'talkies' in America because he is a French actor.
He said: 'I'm not an American actor. I'm a French actor. I'll continue in France. If I could make another silent movie in America, I'd like to!'

Well done! Jean accepts the Best Actor Award for The Artist during the 84th Annual Academy Awards hon Sunday

source: dailymail

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