Thursday, December 8, 2011

Blings of the road: The Japanese 'light trucks' so bright they're banned from the highway


Gaz guzzler: The Japanese 'light trucks' can cost up to £100,000 to decorate and are powered by special generators

These blings of the road take pimp my ride to a whole new level.

Whole families in Japan spent months fitting out these ‘light trucks’, decorated with more sparkle than the average Christmas high street.

Looking like a cross between Transformers' super robot Megatron and a particularly gaudy arcade machine, the custom trucks cost around £100,000 each to hand-decorate.

Art in motion: The trucks are emblazoned with intricate designs, such as this one with a tyrannosaurus rex. The final effect is so blindingly brilliant that they are not road legal with their lights on

Each one has so many light bulbs that extra generators have to be fitted under the chassis to power them, and they can only be turned on for about 20 minutes before they overheat.

The final effect is so blindingly brilliant that they are not road legal with their lights on.

But that doesn’t dampen the enthusiasm of Far Eastern fans, who gather at massive truck meets to show off their latest modifications.

This gathering of light trucks was captured by photographer Roger Snider during a meet to raise money for a Japanese children’s charity.

Van-tastic: Hundreds of the lorry owners flock to meetings where owners show off and swap tips

Luxurious: The cavernous interior of one of the trucks featuring a carpeted dashboard, wallpaper and an enormous glass chandelier

It shows you need more than bit of underlighting perhaps a fancy spoiler to light up the life of a monster trucker petrolhead.

Among the gaudy gas guzzlers was a green-themed monster truck with a tyrannosaurus rex painted on the side, surrounded by glowing lights.

Others had enormous glowing horns or huge silver coated purple poles protruding from the front.

The effect is just as spectacular inside, with one cavernous interior featuring a carpeted dashboard and full wall papering inside, complete with an enormous glass chandelier.

Owners of the trucks flock to meets attracting hundreds of the gaudy vehicles where they can show off and swap tips.

Cooling off: The generators that power the trucks' lighting systems can only be switched on for 20 minutes before they overheat

Hobby: The attention to detail is staggering, with hundreds of tiny stuffed toys decorating one of the trucks

source: dailymail