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Friday, September 30, 2011

Miss Macedonia 2011, Vesna Jakimovska

Vesna Jakimovska was crowned Miss Macedonia 2011 at the Roger Piano Music Hall in Skopje on September 28, 2011. She is 20 year old and will represent the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia in Miss World 2011 in London, England on November 6.

Vesna Jakimovska was crowned Miss Macedonia 2011 at the Roger Piano Music Hall in Skopje on September 28, 2011. She is 20 year old and will represent the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia in Miss World 2011 in London, England on November 6. The first runner-up was Nikolina Kuzmanova; the second runner-up was Stefani Stojceska.

source: shinymeteor

Taking the fitness regime too far? Rosie Huntington-Whiteley cuts a very thin figure in Beverly Hills


Slimming down: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley appears to have lost weight in recent months and looked extremely thin as she stepped out in Beverly Hills yesterday

She's admitted to having no less than THREE personal trainers. But by the looks of things Rosie Huntington-Whiteley may well be taking her fitness regime too far.

The model and actress cut a very thin figure as she stepped out in Beverly Hills yesterday, appearing to have lost all her curves.

Skinny fit: The Transformers star appears to have lost quite a bit in recent months seen on holiday looking curvier at the start of this year

Rosie, 24, appears to have lost weight in recent weeks and was looking painfully thin as she left E. Baldi restaurant.

The Transformers star had donned a pair of skinny jeans and a furry gilet over a white T-shirt but by covering up she appeared to enhance her slim frame.

Rosie finished off the look with a pair of grey shoe boots and a pair of large aviator sunglasses.

Skinny fit: The Transformers star had donned a pair of skinny jeans and a furry gilet over a white T-shirt but by covering up she appeared to emphasis her slim frame

A spokesperson for the model told MailOnline: 'Rosie is very health conscious and always has been (her mother was a fitness instructor) and likes to eat well and keep trim.'

The actress has recently revealed that she works out regularly and three personal trainers around the world.

Maybe Rosie is feeling the pressure as the model bids for stardom in Hollywood.

source: dailymail

Snapping one up while you can? Vanessa Hudgens beats the Great Pumpkin Shortage by hitting the patch early


Getting hers early: Vanessa Hudgens does her pumpkin shopping in Studio City amidst a country-wide blight

One of America's favourite holidays has come under threat, as severe weather and disease have blighted the pumpkin harvest in swathes over the country.

But it seems 22-year-old Vanessa Hudgens is planning to beat the Great Pumpkin Shortage and ensure she at least enjoys a traditional Halloween.

The High School Musical star was spotted browsing a local patch with her younger sister Stella.

Is this the white one? Vanessa was joined by her sister Stella, and the pair checked out some unusual pale gourds

Looking casual in jeans and a white vest, Vanessa hit Ralph's food shop and a furniture store in Studio City Los Angeles before getting her hands dirty among the squashes.

The star looked at a variety of sizes, appearing interested in some unusual white gourds.

Vanessa is wise to snap up her Halloween accessory early, as the major celebration looks to be severely hit by the pumpkin shortage.

Size matters: The duo seemed interested in some very big pumkins

Tender moment: The sisters shared a hug in the patch

According to farmers in the Northeast, wholesale prices of pumpkins have doubled in some areas, with 'pumpkin profiteering' by unscrupulous traders being reported.

The dearth has occurred as a result of the heavy rains during the spring and summer, which aggravated a subsequent outbreak of fungus.

Hurricane Irene was also a crucial factor, with one New York farmer seeing '15,000 to 20,000 pumpkins, washed into Lake Champlain.'

Watch where you tread: Stella's sturdy red leather shoes were in danger of rushing some of the more delicate squashes

Revealing: Vanessa's top showed a little more than it should while she was in the furniture shop

Preserving her modesty: Vanessa had to pull her vest top up as it kept riding low and revealing her green bra

Quite a haul: The sisters seemed to be stocking up

Light refreshment: Vanessa stopped off for some cooling drinks and healthy snacks

More Halloween preparation? Vanessa bought an Epson Projector at Best Buy in Sherman Oaks

Steady on Stella! Vanessa's younger sibling looked keener to smile for the pap than the High School Musical star

Not a hair out of place: The duo checked their 'dos in unison

source: dailymail

Simon Cowell gets threats from a 14-year-old and plays matchmaker with Paula Abdul during action-packed X Factor


Are you threatening me? Simon Cowell was left shocked after he was given a stern warning from pint-sized rapper Brain Bradley during the East coast auditions of the X Factor last night

He's surely received threats before throughout his long-spanning career as a notoriously sharp-tongued reality TV judge and producer.

But possibly not from the mouth of a 14-year-old teenager.

Last night Simon Cowell was left shocked after he was given a stern warning from pint-sized rapper Brain Bradley during the East Coast auditions of the U.S. X Factor.

Rap: But as the teenager busted into a rap it was clear to see that his threatening tone was actually part of a performance that sent the audience into a frenzy

The teen became irritated after Simon questioned him on why he deserved to be on the talent show.

'Yo yo Simon, I see you man... What is your problem man?... Are you serious? Yo, I swear on your life... if we were on the streets,' he directed at the 51-year-old Brit.

But as the teenager busted into a rap it was clear to see that his threatening tone was actually part of his performance that sent the audience into a frenzy.

Crowd pleaser: Judges Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul busted out some moves

As the crowd went wild for the youngster, the judges stared around in disbelief as he rapped about his mother.

'Brian honey, I am scared of you, and I am not going stare at your mother,' joked judge Nicole Scherzinger.

L.A . Reid, who has produced the likes of Kanye West, Usher and Rihanna, told Brian he had been waiting for someone like him to come into his professional life for years.

Suitably pleased: Even after being turned out by the teenager before his rhyme, Simon was also blown away

Cute: With high hopes of becoming the next big thing, Andy Silikovitz, 43, has been single all of his life

Cheer Squad: Accompanied by his mother who stood backstage with Steve Jones, he revealed to the judges that he had never had a date nor been married, but was hoping that the $5 million prize money would help him find love

Hugs: Simon motioned the middle-aged man to come over and share cuddle with Paula, who happily obliged and embraced him

Confident: Touting herself as the next Mariah Carey, who had 'successfully blown away friends and family with her karaoke abilities Clarissa 'Cashmere' Cheatham was confident

Fit: It was almost like Simon knew what was coming when he broke into a fit of laughter, along with Paula, before Clarissa's terrible performance

Blonde beauty: With her stunning looks Cari Fletcher was a shoe in from the start

Duo: With an army of fans in the audience, Teenage duo Ausem said that they believed and felt the passion in their music and performed of Christina Perri's 'Jar of Hearts'

Awkward: One half of the group, poor Emily, got singled out, with both L.A.and Nicole telling Austin that he was the better singer, and discussed the possibility of splitting the pair up

Dreamy: Simon declared 21-year-old car enthusiast Toro Wolashin as a man's dream, after she told him that she wanted to open her own car shop

No good: Both Jor-El Garcia nor Devon Tally couldn't cut it in Miami

Hunk: Handsome Brennan Hunt was the epitome of a country rock star with his big blue eyes, Southern drawl and raspy voice

Star: Jazzlyn Little brought down the house with her rendition of Mary J.Blige's 'I'm Going Down'

Applause: The performance earned her a standing ovation from the judges

Brian Bradley - Audition 1 - THE X FACTOR 2011

Clarissa Cheatham - Audition 1 - THE X FACTOR 2011

Brennan Hunt - The X Factor U.S. - Audition

Tiger Budbill - The X Factor USA Auditions

Andy Silikovitz - Audtion 1 - THE X FACTOR 2011

Skyelor Anderson - The X Factor USA Auditions

Cari Fletcher - Audition 1 - THE X FACTOR 2011

The X Factor USA - Ausem - Jar of Hearts - Audition

source: dailymail

Kristen Stewart flashes some Snow White flesh as she films soaking wet beach scenes for new adventure movie


Still smiling: Despite being wet Kristen Stewart was seen with a big smile as she filmed scenes from Snow White and the Huntsman

It has been billed as a re-imagined and slightly twisted version of the fairytale classic.

And judging by today's on-set photographs of movie Snow White and the Huntsman, it certainly seems pretty far removed from Disney's fluffy cartoon take on the story.

Leading lady Kristen Stewart spent the day soaking wet and showing a good few inches of flesh as she shot scenes for the film on a Welsh beach.

Flesh flash: Kristen Stewart shows off her shoulders as she filmed new movie Snow White and the Huntsman in Wales earlier today

The actress looked to be taking part in some particularly dramatic scenes on the sands, and hoisted her soaking wet gown on as she walked along.

After one scene, she was sitting alongside a stunning white horse, which was attended to by crew members.

In a contrast from yesterday in which she was seen sporting heavy armour, Stewart wore a long medieval style gown over long brown boots, with her hair loose around her shoulders.

Her hair also looked to be a darker shade than familiar to fans of the Twilight franchise.

Drama: The actress looks to be sitting alongside her white horse on the beach as part of a particularly dramatic scene on the beach

Life's a beach: The 21-year-old actress strolled along the beach in a soaking wet gown, at one point, holding up the dress as she strolled along some rocks

The white stuff: Stewart is shot filming a scene with the magnificent white horse

She seemed more than comfortable on horseback, although may have used a stunt double to canter across the beach for one bareback shot.

The actress was clearly having to maintain a wet and dishevelled look, with an assistant spraying her down with a water gun at one point.

Never with with children or animals: Kristen turned away as the horse relieved himself

Horse power: The actress sat astride her white horse as she waited for the scene to begin

Epic: The film promises to be an all-action telling of the classic fairytale

She also needed the crew's help to clamber over a rocky incline.

It wasn't all intense focus for the star though. She was later spotted breaking into a smile in a rest between scenes on a rocky section of the shore.

In another scene, she was spotted emerging from the sea in her gown - perhaps after a very refreshing dip, considering the cold Welsh waters.

New movie: Stewart stars alongside Chris Hemsworth and Ian McShane in the fantasy style film

Striking scene: Stewart, or possibly her stunt lookalike rides bareback across the sands for a stunning scene in the film

Time for more water: Kristen achieves the wet look with the help pf a crew member

Staying soaked: At one point a member of the crew sprays a rather shocked Stewart to make her stay wet for the seaside scene

Rock climbing: Stewart gets some help walking over the rocks from several members of the crew

Clamber: The Twilight star looked intensely focused as she walked over the rocks in one scene, although she broke into a smile when the footage was finished

The movie stars Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen and Ian McShane, Eddie Izzard, Bob Hoskins, Toby Jones and Ray Winstone among the dwarves.

Stewart recently revealed that she was not initially attracted to the role of Snow White, but became interested after realising the new version was a very different take on the classic character.

And action! The star is filmed with her dress sleeveless around the shoulders on the rocky incline

The sea the sea! Stewart wore a long black coat over her gown as she strode through the cold Welsh waters

Drenched: Stewart emerges from the ocean soaked to the skin, with her wet hair bedraggled down her back

Morning light: Stewart shares a joke with a female crew member as the sun starts to come up over the beach

The film - the first in a planned trilogy - is slated to be released in cinemas next year.

Stewart also appears as MaryLou in the adaptation of Jack Kerouac film On the Road, and stars in penultimate Twilight instalment Breaking Dawn, which will be released in November.

All dried off: The actress was also spotted with her hair and gown dry, in what was surely a more comfortable look, along with walking down the beach in a large black wrapped

Kristen Stewart * Films Snow White *

source: dailymail

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